New Championship Revealed:

The "new" championship turned out to be the re-activation of the NWF World Television Championship.  The battle royal winner and NEW TV Champion crowned was Yoshi Hoshino.  

Two New Champions Crowned at Warpath and More News Out of Warpath:

At Warpath, Slim defeated "Nature Boy" Buddy Davis in what was a #1 Contendorship match for the NWF Intercontinental Championship.  However, Dave Kipfer became the NEW NWF World Heavyweight after defeating "Dynamite" David Reznik in a grueling open-roofed cage match.  With the match stipulations, Slim automatically became the NWF Intercontinental Champion.  The rumor of D-Will announcing the next NWF Pay-Per-View was not to be.  D-Will had some out-of-the ring commitments to attend to in Houma, so the announcement was put on hold.  Another big news item coming out of Warpath is that the "new title" being discussed since January by the NWF Executive Committee will be unveiled at the next Warpath event.  In a minor note, "The Executive" Sebastian Stanton was released prior to the Warpath event.

Announcement Forthcoming on Next NWF Pay-Per-View:

Rumor has it that NWF Owner Danny Williams is set to reveal the details behind the next NWF Pay-Per-Vew (as seen in the image above) at the upcoming Warpath event.  Rumor also has it that the "new title" Damon had in the works will be spoken about in this announcement by D-Will, as well.

NWF Commissioner On-Leave, Staff Members Added:

NWF Commissioner Damon  has informed the NWF Executive Committee that he needs to take an undetermined amount of time off due to outside-wrestling commitments.  Prior to Damon leaving, NWF Owner Danny Williams had secured a deal with Kerry Owens to become a part of the NWF Executive Committee.  His role, at the time, was undetermined.  Original plans were for Owens to completely be a backstage presence; however, in Damon's absence, Kerry Owens will serve as Lt. Commissioner.