NWF All-Time Awards Show

     The NWF All-Time Awards Show is the next scheduled NWF event.  This will not be like any other Awards show.  With the NWF closing, this will encompass all almost-nine years of the NWF's existence.  For more information, to look at the nominees, or to vote, click on the Awards Show logo above to be linked to the thread on the NWF Forums.  Immediately following the Awards Show will be the posting of the card for Last Call.  There's still time to join in on the final NWF show.  Contact D-Will on the NWF Forums for details.

The National Wrestling Federation is a wrestling efed that has been open since July 4, 2004.  We pride ourselves in being a fed that judges matches solely on roleplays with no politics involved.  Visit our forums today  to join the NWF!  Feel free to fill out an application while you're there!


       NWF Current Champions:

NWF World Heavyweight Champion:

"The Hunter" Yoshi Hoshino


NWF Intercontinental Champion:   

"The Franchise" John Bane 

 NWF Executive Committee:

NWF Owner:

Danny "D-Will" Williams

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