4) Katharina - def. Pimp D, The Eagle, Meth, NFM, & Dragon de Plata NWF Warpath 11/6/11 Annual Halloween Masquerade Battle Royal

*Title Vacated* NWF Summer Shock 2011 10/30/11 Joey Vendetti defeated Danny "D-Will" Williams to gain majority shares of the NWF.

3) Joey Vendetti - 

2) Slim - def. "Nature Boy" Buddy Davis - 4/2/11 - Warpath (The match was scheduled to be a #1 Contender Match;                      however, IC Champion Dave Kipfer was in a WHC match later in the evening.  The stipulation was set by the NWF                  Executive Committee that if Dave won the WHC, the winner of this match would be named IC Champ, as opposed to #1      Contender)

1) Dave Kipfer - def. Raelin Phoenix - 4/11/10 - NWF Alpha (NWF Intercontinental Championship comes into existence             when NWF Owner Danny Williams merges the United States, Nobles, and XTREME Championships.  Raelin Phoenix           came into the match as United States Champion and Dave as a unified Nobles & XTREME Champion).

NWF United States/National Heavyweight Championship Title Reign

The National title is change to the US title, after Corey Gein (25) beats Erik Quick at Exposure 10/21/07.

32) Nubis dft Matt LoganĀ©/Yoshi Spring Fever 4/27/09

31) Matt Logan dft Erik Quick Aftershock 01/21/09

30) Erik Quick dft DDP SummerShock 7/31/08

29) DDP dft Matt Logan Warpath 6/25/08

28) Matt Logan dft Kerry Owens Spring Fever 6/14/08

27) Kerry Owens dft DDP Warpath 5/16/08

26) DDP N/A Momentum 4/30/08 runner up in Tag Team Rumble

*Title Vacated* Warpath 3/12/08 D-will removes Gein as champion

25) Corey Gein dft Erik Quick Exposure 10/21/07 National title is changed to U.S. title

24) Erik Quick dft Syco Aftershock 9/2/07

23) Syco dft Slim/Phoenix Turbulence 7/01/07

22) Slim dft Erik Quick Breakdown 4/24/07

21) Erik Quick N/A Breakdown 2/12/07* Lt. Commission Tripp Reaper stripped Owens of the title and gave it to Quick.

20) "The King of Knockouts" KERRY OWENS dft Slim Breakdown 11/20/06***

19) SLIM dftThe Fallen One Aftershock 10/8/06 43 Days

18) THE FALLEN ONE dft "Ace" Rob Smith Breakdown 8/20/06 49 Days

17) "Ace" ROB SMITH dft Methane Breakdown 6/17/06 64 Days

16) METHANE dft The Fallen One, "The Classy One" Brian C., & "Ace" Rob Smith In a four-way Hell in a Cell Match Game Over 6/4/06 13 Days

*TITLE VACATED* The National title was vacated when Adam Killings was injured in a severe car accident and would be unable to defend his title for a long period of time Turbulence 5/24/06 11 Days

15) "The Future" ADAM KILLINGS dft"The Sensational" Mark Cage Breakdown 1/9/06 105 Days* *30 Days removed from his title reign due to a 30-day "vacation" allowed by the Executive Committee

14) "The Sensational" MARK CAGE dft M B K Breakdown 12/4/05 36 Days

13)M B K dft The Executive Committee awarded M B K with the National Heavyweight title due to being the #1 Contender Wednesday, October 19, 2005 56 Days

*TITLE VACATED* The National title was declared vacant by the NWF Executive Committee when Oni became the World Heavyweight Champion Breakdown 10/14/05 5 Days

12) "The Demon" ONI dft Rohan Live! 9/21/05 23 Days

11) ROHAN dft "Big D" Daniel Mulholland,Pete "POz" Osbourne, "The Dragon" Koden Farber, "Da Hood" James Maclin,& Slim in a Terror Cage Match SummerShock 2005 7/24/05 59 Days

*TITLE DEACTIVATED* Facing yet another title vacancy due to a controversial result in a championship match, NWF Owner Danny Williams stepped in and declared that the NWF National Heavyweight Championship would be deactivated for a time Breakdown 6/10/05 ***

10) DARK ANGEL dft Pact Malicious May 5/29/05 12 Days

*TITLE VACATED* The National title was declared vacant by the NWF Executive Committee when Titan was unable to defend the title due to severe injuries Spring Fever 5/1/05 28 Days

9) TITAN dft The Eagle Saturday Night Breakdown 2/19/05 70 Days

THE EAGLE dft Chushy Genesis 1/30/05 20 Days

*TITLE VACATED* The National Heavyweight title was once again declared vacant by the NWF Executive Committee because "POz" had won the World Heavyweight Championship Year-End Awards 1/3/05 27 Days

7) PETE "POz" OSBOURNE dft Korvus, Spawn & "The Franchise" John Bane Saturday Night Breakdown 12/4/04 29 Days

*TITLE VACATED* The National title was declared vacant by the NWF Executive Committee when Scarecrow was unable to defend the title due to severe injuries Saturday Night Breakdown 11/20/04 14 Days

6) JOHNNY SCARECROW dft McNasty Blackout 10/31/04 20 Days

5) McNASTY dft Desiree Saturday Night Breakdown 10/9/04 22 Days

4) DESIREE dft Nicholas Siarlis Saturday Night Breakdown 8/21/04 50 Days

3) NICHOLAS SIARLIS Title was stripped from NFM by NWF Commissioner Joseph Duncan, and awarded to Nicholas Siarlis, who had held the TV title Wednesday, August 18 2004 13 Days* *10 days as TV Champ 3 days as National Champ

2) N F M dft Ray Stevens August Annihilation 8/08/04 10 Days

1) RAY STEVENS dft "The Franchise" John Bane, N F M & M B K SummerShock 7/4/04 36 Day

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