Best of NFM

 [B]  The NWF logo flashes across the screen, then we fade in from black to a small studio, with a large screen on the back wall, and posters of various NWF superstars past and present adorning the other walls.  Stood in front of the screen we find long-time NWF interviewer Blake James [/B]

BLAKE:  Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to this inaugural edition of The Best of NWF, where each month I will be delving into the rich history of our company, to bring you the best matches of some of our greatest competitors!  And for this first edition, what better place to start than our current interim owner, three-time NWF World Champion, and NWF Hall of Famer, NFM, the No Fear Man!  NFM's career began long before the NWF came into being, but for almost the past five years he has been a mainstay in this company, and holds the distinction of being one of the NWF Originals!  In this first match, taken from the NWF's second pay-per-view event, we see NFM getting his first one-on-one title shot in the company, against the first ever NWF National Champion, Ray Stevens!

[B]  The camera pans behind Blake towards the screen, then switches feeds to that of the screen.  We fade in from black to a view of NWF August Annihilation, August 9th 2004: [/B]

[QUOTE]The camera cuts back to the ring, the use of more massive amounts of Oxi-Clean™ is evident since the ring, once again, sparkles.

Danny: Damn, those guys are working a lot tonight.

Mike: Indeed.

Dacia: Ladies and Gentlemen, our next match is our main event of the evening and it is for the NWF National Heavyweight Championship!!!!

The crowd roars. ”What’s Up?” by Juvenile, Wacko, and Skip plays, and the crowd pops as D-Will steps out from behind the curtain. He poses up on the stage, then slowly moves down the ramp and climbs into the ring.

Mike: And there’s the special enforcer for tonight’s Title Match

Danny: I wonder if he’s gonna stick his nose into this match like he did in Nemesis’ match.

Mike: You do realize you’re talking about your boss, right?

Danny: .……

Dacia: Introducing first, the challenger, from Riverdale, New Jersey, weighing in at 240 lbs………N-----F----M!!!!!!!!!!

"ARE YOU SCARED??" "HE'S HERE!!!" blares over the loudspeaker followed by a fireball explosion at the top of the ramp and four lightning bolts slamming down onto the turnbuckles as "Fear" by Disturbed begins to play. The crowd literally explodes into cheers. NFM steps out onto the stage. He stares out over the crowd, then slowly moves down the ramp and slides into the ring. NFM looks briefly at D-Will, who just stands in the center of the ring, then climbs up and poses on all four turnbuckles as his music slowly begins to fades out.

Dacia: And his opponent, weighing in at 256 lbs, he is the NWF National Heavyweight Champion…………RAY STEVENS!!!!!!!!!!!!

The crowd erupts into massive boos. Stevens steps out onto the stage, the National Title around his waist. He stands up on the stage, then slowly moves down the ramp. He stares at NFM, then climbs up onto the ring apron. He pulls the title off of his waist and tosses is at D-Will, who catches it. Stevens just stands on the apron, his sight never leaving NFM. NFM grins and tells Stevens to step into the ring. D-Will holds the National Title above his head, then passes it outside, calling for the bell. Stevens slowly climbs into the ring and walks right up to NFM. Stevens stares down at NFM and slowly shakes his head. NFM stares right back and smiles.

Mike: You can feel the tension building.

Danny: Uh……okay.

The two men suddenly step back and tie up. The two men start shoving each other back and forth, one man pushing the other back only to be pushed back the same distance. Both men finally give up and release, stepping back away from each other. The two men stare at each other for a moment, then tie up again.

Mike: neither of these men are willing to give anything to the other.

Danny: Well, duh.

The two push each other around the ring, then finally NFM forces Stevens back against the ropes. D-Will calls for the break and NFM gives him one. NFM steps back, grinning. Stevens stay against the ropes, staring at NFM. NFM slowly reaches out with his foot and draws an imaginary line on the mat, then dares Stevens to step up. Stevens steps from the ropes and goes to tie up with NFM again, but suddenly ducks underneath, connecting with a boot to the gut. Stevens shoves NFM back, then steps forward and nails a vicious chop that echoes throughout the arena.

Danny: WOO!!!!

Stevens shoves NFM back into the corner, then nails another vicious chop, then just jumps forward, nailing a hard Back Elbow into the NFM in the corner. Stevens steps back and starts nails hard lefts and rights into NFM. D-Will gives his five count, then tells Stevens to step back. Stevens stares at D-Will, then steps forward and nails a stiff kick into NFM and lifts him up onto the top turnbuckle. Stevens climbs up with him, then pulls him up, but doesn’t fall back. Stevens holds NFM up in the air.

Mike: Stevens is letting NFM think about it.

Danny: I think NFM is thinking more about the fall.

Stevens finally drops back hitting the Stalling Superplex. Stevens rolls over and covers NFM.




Stevens stands up and pulls NFM up to his feet. Stevens whips NFM to the ropes, then hits and Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex when he returns. Stevens grabs NFM and bring him to a sitting position, then just drops down, slamming the point of his elbow into NFM’s shoulder. Stevens slams his elbow down again, then grabs NFM’s arm and rolls over into an Arm Bar Submission. D-Will checks on NFM, but NFM just pushes him away. NFM rolls over onto his knee, then slowly push up, bring Stevens’ shoulders down touching the mat. D-Will drops down for the count.




Stevens releases the hold to get out of the pinning position.

Mike: NFM was able to escape, but what damage has done to his shoulder?

Danny: Apparently not enough for Stevens to be satisfied.

NFM stands up and turns to face Stevens, but Stevens steps forward connecting with a boot to the gut. Stevens grabs NFM and lifts him up, trying for a Vertical Suplex, but NFM reverses, landing behind Stevens and grabbing him, then lifts him up and planting him with a Full Nelson Slam. NFM stumbles back against the ropes as Stevens slowly crawls up to his hands and knees. Stevens sits up on his knees and NFM runs forward, connecting with a Super Kick to a wide open Stevens. Stevens’ eyes roll back and he falls to the mat. NFM jumps on Stevens for the cover.




Stevens leg touches the bottom rope. NFM stands up and pulls Stevens up to his feet, then whips him to the ropes. Stevens comes back and NFM catches him with a Spinebuster.

Mike: Now it’s NFM’s turn to dish out the punishment.

Nfm stands up and pulls Stevens up. Stevens suddenly knocks NFM’s hands away and connects with a hard right hand. NFM is stunned for a moment, but steps forward and connects with a right of his own. The two men start trading rights as the crowd begins to cheer. NFM finally ends the punching match with a quick kick to Stevens’ gut. NFM grabs Stevens in a side headlock, but Stevens steps back, then just throws NFM off to the ropes. NFM comes off the ropes and tries for a Shoulder Block, but he hits Stevens and Stevens doesn’t move an inch. Steven shoves NFM back and laughs.

Danny: How can you deny that that man is made of nothing but power?

NFM runs against the ropes again and this time Stevens catches him, trying for a Hip Toss, but NFM blocks the move. Stevens tries to swing around, connecting with a Clothesline, but NFM ducks underneath, shoving Stevens to the ropes. Stevens runs forward and trie for a Clothesline, but NFM ducks underneath. Stevens comes off the other side and NFM jump up to try and leap frog him, but Stevens stands up at the last second, catching him and planting him with a Powerslam. Stevens hooks the leg for the cover.




Danny: What a move!!! The Champ is taking NFM to school tonight!!!

Stevens stands up and steps back. NFM climbs up to his feet and turns to meet Stevens, but Stevens rushes forward, Clotheslining NFM over the top rope to the floor. NFM crashes down to the floor and Stevens climbs out after him. Stevens stands NFM up, then shoves him shoulder first into the steel steps. D-Will jumps out of the ring and tells Stevens to get back into the ring. Stevens stares at D-Will, then moves toward NFM again. D-Will grabs Stevens and spins him around, telling him once agina to get back in the ring. Stevens gives the bird to D-Will then turns…..just as NFM nails a stiff kick to Stevens’ gut, then grabs him and plants him with The Claustrophobia (Implant DDT) onto the floor. NFM stands up and pulls Stevens up to the mat, then rolls him into the ring. NFM climbs up onto the ring apron, then climbs up onto the top turnbuckle.

Danny: Where is NFM going? He doesn’t do anything off the top rope.

Mike: I guess he does now.

NFM leaps off the top tunbuckle, connecting with a Flying Elbow Drop. NFM stays on for the cover.





NFM stands up and pulls Stevens up to his feet, then whips him to the corner, but Stevens reverses, sending NFM hard into the corner. Stevens charges after him, trying for a Clothesline into the corner, but NFM rolls out at the last second. Stevens slams chest first into the corner, then stumbles back out of it……right into NFM’s arms. NFM grabs Stevens then brings him over, hitting a Bridging German Suplex.





Mike: So close!!!

Danny: Too close!!!

NFM stands up and runs against the ropes. He tries for a move, but Stevens suddenly moves forward, catching NFM and lifting him onto his shoulders, then plants him with a Death Valley Driver. Stevens covers NFM.






NFM barely kicks out in time. Stevens stands up and pulls NFM up to his feet. Stevens pulls NFM over to the corner, then lifts him up and sets him on the top turnbuckle. Stevens nails a few right hards to NFM’s head, then climbs up to the top with him. Stevens tries to pull NFM over in a Superplex, but NFM blocks the move, hitting a few hard body shots. NFM slowly stands up onto the top turnbuckle with Stevens. The crowd begins to stand and cheer. NFM maneuvers around so that he and Stevens switch places, then sets stevens up and then pulls him up and falls back, hitting The Migrane from the top turnbuckle!!!!

Mike & Danny (simultaneously: HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!

The crowd starts to chant “Holy Shit!!!” as both men just lay motionless on the mat. D-Will stares in awe, then suddenly snaps out of his trance and begins his ten count.






NFM slowly starts to move around.





NFM rolls over, covering Stevens. D-Will drops down to the mat.







Stevens barely kicks out in time. D-Will stares in awe…..the announces are stunned into silence…..hell, the crowd is stunned into silence. NFM slowly climbs up onto his hands and knees, then slowly stands up with help from the ropes, but quickly stumbles back into a sitting position in the corner. Stevens crawls over to the ropes and slowly pulls himself up, revealing that he is now busted open, blood running down his face.

Mike: And Stevens is busted open.

Danny: What? Are you surprised?

Stevens stands up, but just leans against the ropes. NFM slowly reaches up, grabbing the top ropes, then pulls himself to a standing position. The two men stare across at each other as the crowd erupts into cheers. The two men slowly moves to the center of the ring and stare at each other. The crowd cheers even louder.

Mike: These men are throwing everything at each other, but neither can gain a significant advantage over the other.

Danny: Stevens will win. The best always do.

NFM suddenly steps forward, connecting with a hard right hand. Stevens stumbles back, then tries for one of his own, but NFM blocks it, connecting with a hard Uppercut that knocks Stevens back to the ropes. Stevens bounces off the ropes and stumbles forward. NFM signals the crowd, then grabs Stevens around the throat, going for the Final Destination Chokeslam. NFM screams as he hoists Stevens up into the air and starts to bring him down, but Stevens reverses in mid-move and brings NFM down to the mat, wrapping him up into a Crippler Crossface. The crowd start going insane as Stevens pulls back, screaming like a madman as blood drips off of his face.

Danny: Holy shit!!!! It’s over!!! There is no way NFM can get out of it!!!

NFM reaches out and tries to grab the ropes, but they are just out of his reach. Stevens pulls back harder on the submission, putting even more pressure on NFM. NFM screams in pain, but refuses to submit. D-Will tries to get NFM to submit and end the match, but NFM just pushes him away. NFM finally starts pushing with his feet, spinning his body around, finally far enough. NFM grabs the bottom rope with his feet. D-Will calls for Stevens to break the hold. Stevens releases the hold and stands up, raising his arms up, thinking that he has won.

Mike: Stevens thinks NFM tapped out!!!

Danny: I saw him tap!!! He tapped!!!

Mike: No he didn’t!!!!

D-Will pulls down Stevens’ arms and tells him that NFM didn’t submit. Stevens starts arguing with D-Will, but D-Will says NFM never tapped. Stevens finally shoves D-Will back into the corner, then turns to go back to NFM. Stevens reaches down and starts to pulls NFM up, but NFM stands up suddenly, lifting Stevens up and spinning him, setting him up. NFM then jumps and connects with The Lightning Strike (Jumping Tombstone Piledriver). NFM falls down onto Stevens, covering him.









Winner, by pinfall, and NEW NWF National Heavyweight Champion: NFM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The crowd erupts into massive, deafening cheers.

Mike: NFM did it!!! NFM won!!!

Danny: NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

D-Will calls for the belt, then walks over to NFM. NFM sits up onto his knees as D-Will hands him the belt, then raises his arm in victory. The crowd cheers even louder.

Mike: The roof is exploding off of this place!!!!

NFM stands up and holds the National Title over his head, but suddenly the lights of the arena go out. “I Could Care Less” by Devildriver erupts from the speakers. The crowd erupts as the lights of the arena come back up. The mysterious figure stands right behind NFM……..a Singapore Cane in his hand. NFM turns around and stares at the man.

Mike: It’s that guy!!!!

The man suddenly steps forward, connecting with a Singapore Cane shot to NFM’s head. NFM falls to the mat, blood pouring out of his now opened up head. The figure stares down at NFM and smiles. D-Will runs up and tries to stop the figure, but the figure spins and nails D-Will in the side of the head with the Singapore Cane. The figure smiles down at NFM. NFM just stares up at him and tries to reach for him, but the figure steps back and starts wailing away with the Singapore Cane onto NFM’s body. The figure finally steps back, and pulls the hood over his head back.

Mike: Oh……my…..God.

Danny: I thought he was dead.

The figure………the man known as Syco…….stares down at NFM, a wicked grin across his face. Syco bends down and lays the broken Singapore Cane over NFM’s body, then stands up and starts to laugh as the crowd starts to throws trash into the ring. Syco places a foot on NFM’s chest, then poses as the crowd just grows even louder. The camera fades to black on Syco standing over NFM’s bloody body [/QUOTE]

[B]  The scene returns to Blake in the studio [/B]

BLAKE:  What a match, that saw NFM take the NWF National Title!  But that belt wasn't good enough for the No Fear Man, and on Breakdown shortly afterwards, he had a few choice things to say...

[B]  The feed switches again, and we fade into NWF Breakdown, August 14th 2004: [/B]

[QUOTE]  Camera cuts to a video package of last week’s Main Event. It shows NFM and Stevens battling with each other back and forth, both men trying to gain the advantage on the other. It Stevens locking on the Crossface and trying to make NFM tap out, then cuts to a slow motion shot of NFM hitting the Lightning Strike and pinning Stevens, winning the National Title. It then cuts to Nfm and Syco standing face to face, then flashes a picture of Syco standing over NFM, laughing. Camera cuts back to the ring, where Mike stands in the ring, a mic in hand.

Mike: Ladies and gentlemen, please join me in welcoming the new NWF National Heavyweight Champion………NFM!!!!!!!!!

"ARE YOU SCARED??" "HE'S HERE!!!" blares over the loudspeaker followed by a fireball explosion at the top of the ramp and four lightning bolts slamming down onto the turnbuckles as "Fear" by Disturbed begins to play. The crowd erupts into deafening cheers as NFM steps out onto the stage, the National Title over his shoulder and a bandage around his head. He stares out over the crowd, then slowly moves down the ramp and slides into the ring. NFM looks briefly at Mike, who just stands in the center of the ring, then climbs up and poses on all four turnbuckles as his music slowly begins to fades out. NFM walks over and stands next to Mike.

Mike: NFM, let me be the first to congratulate you on becoming the NWF Nat---

NFM: Stop---right----there.

Mike stares at NFM as NFM holds up the Title belt.

NFM: I want to get one thing straight, right here, right now. I am not Ray Stevens. Stevens was a weak champion. Stevens couldn’t handle it and that is why he lost. They call this the National title, right?

Mike: Yes.

NFM: Exactly. Well, I am not a National Champion. I AM A WORLD CHAMPION!!!!! I take on all comers. And so from now on, this belt, this title, will be known as the World Heavyweight Championship Title.

The crowd cheers.

NFM: Your questions end right there. [/QUOTE]

[B] The scene cuts to later in the night, where we see NFM in the ring with NWF comissioner Joseph Duncan [/B]

[QUOTE]  JoD: ", I understand your feelings Keith, I really do... but you must understand that... have no authority to name titles, or do much of anything else here except kick ass, which you have definately proved you are good at.

So, by the power invested in me by the Executive Committee... As of this moment, I am stripping you of the NWF National Heavyweight Championship."

A brief pause

JoD: "...however, because I understand what you are thinking and why you made your little boast... I am naming you, officially, the NWF World Heavyweight Champion."

Joseph D. smiles. [/QUOTE]

[B]  We return once more to Blake James [/B]

BLAKE:  From that momentous moment, we saw the creation of the NWF World Heavyweight Title, and NFM as the first World Champion.  And at XXXcessive Force in September of that year, NFM defended the NWF World Title for the first time, against not one but TWO men!  On top of that, NFM was in action for the second time that night, having faced Syco earlier in an unsanctioned match!  This event really underlines the determination and will to win, of NFM!

[B] The scene switches again, and fades into NWF XXXcessive Force, September 27th 2004: [/B]

[QUOTE]  Dacia: “Ladies and Gentlemen. It is now time for our XXXcessive Force main event! This contest is a Triple-Threat Match, for… the National Wrestling Federation Heavyweight Championship of the World! There will be no disqualifications in this match!”

Massive crowd pop. However, that soon changes, as “The Sickness” by Disturbed plays, and the first challenger comes to the ring.

Dacia: “Introducing the first challenger… from San Diego, California, weighing 276 pounds… representing Carnage, he is… Korvus!”

Korvus comes through the massive triple-x superstructure, and moves down the ramp. He’s wearing his ‘Total Carnage’ shirt, which is available on NWF’s Madd Merchandise shop site. He gets into the ring, and soaks in the boos from this capacity crowd. Then, as his music fades, the reaction actually manages to become even more negative as the second challenger comes out with no entrance music needed.

Dacia: “Introducing the second challenger… hailing from wherever he damn well pleases, and weighing in at 256 pounds… the first ever NWF Champion, Ray Stevens!”

Stevens makes his way to the ring with a total lack of expression on his face. He gets into the ring, and strikes an anti-pose. Then, the crowd buzzes in anticipation.


The crowd pops HUGE! A huge pyro blast goes off on the stage, and four lightning bolts strike the ring, hitting each ringpost. Then, as the words “Fear Something Again” are heard, the World Heavyweight Champion limps his way to the ring while “Fear (The NFM Mix)” by Disturbed plays.

Dacia: “And their opponent… from Riverdale, New Jersey, weighing in at 240 pounds… the National Wrestling Federation Heavyweight Champion of the World… No Fear Man… NFM!”

Mike: “He is the fearless World Champion, but you gotta wonder just how much NFM has left in the tank after that brutal match with Syco.”

Danny: “By the way, anybody ever find Syco?”

Mike: “I don’t know, and to be perfectly honest, I hope they never do.”

Danny: “That’s a cruel thing to say. You must’ve been hanging around me too long.”

Mike: “Truer words were never spoken.”

NFM gets into the ring, eventually, and he damn near collapses as he hands over the World title belt to Senior Official Mike Johnson. Johnson raises the title belt up.

Mike: “That right there is what it’s all about folks.”

Danny: “Yeah, but did you see how NFM damn near fell over just doing that? How do you think he’s going to fare against Korvus and Stevens?”

Mike: “Knowing NFM, I think he’ll handle himself pretty well. Still, he’s had quite a thrashing already tonight, so I can’t really say whether or not I think he can leave here with the title.”

Danny: “That would be a no.”

Mike: “I didn’t say that.”

Danny: “You didn’t ‘not’ say that either.”

Mike: “Good point.”

The bell rings, and this match is underway. Stevens and Korvus have already decided to beat upon the Champ to eliminate him early. They do exactly that, pummeling upon him with several hard forearm shots and punches. NFM tries to battle back, but he can’t because of the injuries he’s already sustained. Stevens picks him up, and hits a Cradle DDT. Korvus then stomps on the Champ’s head, and then he picks him up, and picks him up again. NFM hits a shot to the midsection of Korvus, but then gets pummeled again by him and Stevens. They then lock on a Double Front Facelock, and it appears that we’re going to see a Double Vertical Suplex, but wait… NO! NFM rises up… and somehow manages to hit a Vertical Suplex on both his challengers! The crowd pops HUGE!

Danny: “WOW! Where did THAT come from?”

Mike: “An INCREDIBLE show of power from the Champion, but how much did it take out of him to pull it off? We’re still very early in this match, and NFM cannot afford to run out of gas this soon.”

NFM tries to get to his feet, but Stevens manages to get up first. Still, NFM is able to hit a Spinning Backhand Blow to knock Stevens back. NFM falls forward after hitting it, but then begins getting back to his feet. Korvus now gets up on him, and kicks him in the gut. He then hits a couple of hard rights, but… NFM returns a series of hard rights as well! He then backs up Korvus, and whips him to the ropes, then as Korvus comes back, he’s sent OVER the top rope and to the floor with a Back Body Drop. NFM clings on the top rope to stay standing. Stevens gets back to his feet, only to catch a boot to the gut from the Champ. NFM then lifts him up, and… Bodyslams him RIGHT ON TOP of Korvus outside the ring! The crowd loves it. NFM takes a second to try and shake off a bit of the punishment he’s endured. This allows Stevens and Korvus to get to their feet. NFM uses the top rope to launch himself up into the air, and he crashes on top of both men outside with a Somersault Senton Press… although, it looks more like a train wreck, but it’s still effective, and the crowd shows it’s appreciation of a nice dive to the outside.

Danny: “What an idiot! He can’t be sacrificing his body like that!”

Mike: “I hate to agree with ya, but I’m going to have to. It worked, for now, but NFM’s body is already racked with pain, and Korvus and Stevens are in far better condition than he is.”

Stevens is the first one to his feet. Korvus is next. Stevens picks up the champ, and slams his face right into the ringpost. Korvus then grabs the fallen champ, and tosses him back into the ring. The two challengers continue their alliance to destroy the champion. Stevens applies a Full Nelson, which leaves NFM open for an attack. Korvus decides to go for a steel chair. He gets back in, measures, and…


A sickening thud as steel meets flesh, and Korvus has nailed… Ray Stevens with the chair! NFM ducked! Stevens just crashes down onto the mat. NFM then ducks as Korvus tries to swing at him again, then the Champ connects with a Superkick right into the chair, which goes right into Korvus’s face! NFM goes for the cover…



NO! Stevens manages somehow to pull the champion off of Korvus. Stevens then locks in a Crippler Crossface Submission on NFM, who screams out in agony, mostly due to the injuries from his earlier match with Syco, but the Crossface isn’t exactly a comfortable place to be either. Johnson checks to see if NFM gives… no.

Danny: “Brilliant!”

Mike: “I’ve never known NFM to submit, but his body may not be able to endure this hold as he’s already been severely injured tonight! We may very well have a new World Heavyweight Champion!”

NFM again refuses to submit. Stevens pulls back on the hold, and words cannot describe the look of anguish in NFM’s eyes. Still, he is soon released as Korvus repeatedly stomps on Stevens to get him to break. Stevens then stands up, and shoves Korvus. Korvus steps back up, and the two are nose-to-nose in a heated argument.

Danny: “I thought these two were going to work together?”

Mike: “They did, and they’ve destroyed the Champion. Now, the alliance is… wait!”

Danny: “Oh no!”

Suddenly, you can see hand grabbing both men by the back of the heads, then, the two have a ‘meeting of the minds’ as NFM slams their heads together. The crowd pops! NFM, obviously in excruciating pain, goes after Korvus. He hits a hard right hand, knocking Korvus down. He then turns to Stevens to do the same, but Stevens blocks, and hits a right of his own. NFM stumbles, and then crashes to the mat. Although the alliance between Stevens and Korvus is apparently dead, Stevens still goes after the severely hurt champion. He picks NFM up, and is set for a Bodyslam when NFM slides down off his back. Stevens turns, and NFM picks him up into a Tilt-A-Whirl, then in position for an Inverted Tombstone Piledriver. He jumps up, and hits the ‘Lightning Strike’, which draws much cheer from the crowd. He then covers, and the crowd chants along…



NO! Korvus hits an Elbowdrop to the back of NFM’s head. NFM rolls over, clutches the back of his head, and kicks his legs… it’s been a long, painful night for the champion.

Mike: “So close! That would’ve been three for sure!”

Danny: “That’s what happens in a Triple-Threat match though, you have that third guy who can change the outcome completely.”

Korvus then sees the opportunity, and he covers…





NO! Ray Stevens kicks out, just barely. Still, Korvus can see that he’s in a pretty good spot right now. He shakes off the dizziness of having his head collide with Stevens’ head earlier, and then he puts on an Abdominal Stretch with an Inverted Facelock. Mike Johnson checks to see if Stevens wants to give, which would make Korvus the champ. Unfortunately for Korvus, Stevens isn’t quitting. Suddenly, from behind, NFM applies a Dragon Sleeper to Korvus. This is obviously not a good spot for Korvus, but Korvus manages to keep his hold on Stevens, and since he’s bending backwards, that’s even more pain for him.

Danny: “Sucks to be Ray Stevens right now!”

Mike: “One has to wonder, if Stevens submits, who would be given the title?”

Danny: “Well, he would be submitting to Korvus’s hold, so Korvus would probably be the new champ. But, if Korvus submits, NFM retains his title. Like I said, it sucks to be Stevens right now… he can’t win at all in this situation.”

Well, we’ll never know, because NFM releases the hold on Korvus, and Korvus unintentionally releases Stevens as he falls backwards. NFM goes to pin Stevens…






3NO! Stevens gets the shoulder up!

NFM then goes over to Korvus, but Korvus does the smart thing and hits NFM with a Low Blow… sure, it’s right in front of the referee, but since there’s no DQ…

Danny: “Nice!”

Mike: “LOW Blow by Korvus, but it’s all legal in this match.”

NFM just falls down on his knees, then into a fetal position. Korvus then grabs NFM’s legs, spreads them apart, and kicks him… ‘skwar’… in the nuts. The crowd boos aggressively. Korvus then grabs his legs again, and goes to put on a Scorpion Deathlock. However, right when he gets it locked in… Stevens gets up, and hits a classic DDT, spiking Korvus straight down into the mat. The crowd actually pops, although no one really knows if it’s for Stevens, or for the fact that NFM is still in this thing. NFM slowly gets up, holding his crotch and grimacing, for obvious reasons.

Mike: “Look at that. NFM looks like he’s been through a war tonight. He deserves to leave here with the title.”

Danny: “The person who wins this match deserves to leave with the title Mike. If that’s NFM, fine. If not, then NFM’s a moron for fighting Syco on the same night.”

Mike: “No, that’s guts Danny. Something you know nothing about.”

Stevens then looks at NFM, and nods. This gets Stevens a good reaction from the crowd. They then lock up. Stevens comes out of it with a Side Headlock. He really wrenches in on it too. NFM steps back, then throws him off and to the ropes. NFM then drops him with a Shouderblock. NFM hits the opposite ropes, leapsfrogs over Stevens who is starting to get up, but then, Korvus grabs NFM’s legs and trips him, causing him to fall face first. Stevens then follows up with a Legdrop to the back of NFM’s head. He then goes for the cover…

…But before any count can be made, Korvus pulls him off, and tries to make the cover himself. Stevens then pulls him off, and Korvus gets up and gets right in Stevens’ face. Some words are exchanged, and then Korvus spits right in Ray’s face. The crowd boos.

Danny: “Oh, hell no.”

Mike: “Blatant disrespect from Korvus here, and… ”

Stevens looks out into the crowd, and then he begins nailing Korvus with a series of punches that knock him back into the corner. It seems that the crowd is getting behind Ray Stevens here! However, Korvus quickly ends the onslaught by hitting Stevens with a knee into the nuts. The crowd again boos aggressively. Korvus then picks up the chair he used earlier, and is planning something real bad for Stevens. However, from behind, NFM spins him around, and kicks him in the nuts! The crowd loves it! Korvus drops the chair, and NFM lifts him up… then positions him right over the chair and… he hits the Lightning Strike (Jumping Inverted Tombstone Piledriver) onto the steel chair! The crowd EXPLODES in cheers!

Danny: “Oh, come on! It’s not OK when Korvus does it, but it is OK when NFM does?”

Mike: “Here’s the cover!”

NFM hooks the leg…






3! Pin broken up by Stevens, but just a bit too late! Mike Johnson calls for the bell, and this one is over! The crowd goes APE SHIT!

Mike: “It’s all over! NFM has done it!”

Danny: “Bullshit! He did the same thing that Korvus did, and the people love him for it.”

Mike: “Danny, Korvus showed himself to be a low-class, disrespectful, dishonorable bastard tonight… he’s like you. I think even Ray Stevens seemed to see that. Ladies and Gentlemen, let’s get the official word!”

The bell rings three times.

Dacia: “Ladies and Gentlemen… the winner of this bout, and… STILL the National Wrestling Federation Heavyweight Champion of the World… NFM!”

The crowd continues to cheer as “Fear” by Disturbed plays. Desiree makes her way into the ring to celebrate with NFM. Stevens, although disappointed, nods at the champ, and then leaves the ring without saying anything. Korvus is utterly pissed; he leaves the ring while talking mad shit to everyone. NFM is attended to in the ring by EMT’s, but he remains the World Heavyweight Champion [/QUOTE]

[B] The scene fades to black, then fades into a darkened room where we find former NWF World Champion John Bane sat in a chair, staring hard at the camera [/B]

BANE:  NFM......The No Fear Man. What can be said about a man who is almost as legendary as I am. The man has no ego, he just gets in the ring and does his thing. I remember watching from my padded cell when Strajk killed him and he returned the favor by just about killing my brother. I think of NFM as my brother, we have travelled the roads of two federations now and he has always been there for me, and I would like to think that if he needed anything from me that I would be right there to return the favor. As for his title reigns, he had alot of very stiff competetion when he was champion and that may have cut his reign short a bit but he was always a fighting champion...he never backed down from a challenge and that is what makes him one of the greatest wrestlers in NWF. In some ways NFM bleeds the colors of NWF just as I do. BTW can you bring me some nachos?

[B]  The scene fades out, then once more we return to Blake in the studio [/B]

BLAKE:  And so the first time the World Title was defended, it was done so successfully.  However, by early 2005, the World Title had changed hands twice, and now belonged to another of NWF's greats, Pete Osbourne.  NFM was determined to get his title back, however, and soon found himself once again the number one contender.  The stage was set for a colossal battle, at Genesis!

[B]  The scene switches once more, and we fade in to NWF Genesis, January 31st 2005: [/B]

[QUOTE]  Dacia: “Ladies and Gentlemen… it is now time for our main event. This contest, scheduled for one fall with no time limit, is for… the NWF Heavyweight Championship of the World!”


NWF World Heavyweight Championship
NFM vs. Pete “POz” Osbourne ©

Voice: “Are you scared? HE’S HERE!”

The main lights go out, and the crowd pops huge as “Fear (The NFM Mix)” by Disturbed plays, and the man without fear steps out.

Dacia: “Introducing first, the challenger. From Riverdale, New Jersey, weighing in at 240 pounds… No Fear Man… NFM!”

NFM steps to the top of the stage, and a HUGE pyro blast goes off behind him as he raises his sword, Molotoch, up in the air. He then makes his way down the aisle, and gets in the ring, and as he raises the sword again, lightning bolts strike, hitting all four corners of the ring. Referee Mike Johnson makes certain that NFM isn’t planning on actually using Molotoch in this match.

Danny: “I’ve never understood this guy. A sword-carrying cowboy without fear.”

Mike: “What’s not to understand? You just described him almost exactly. He has an interesting style inside the ring, a mix of insane hardcore and classic technical wrestling, along with just the right touch of power.”

Danny: “Well, NFM may not fear POz, but you can bet the feeling is mutual Mike. POz, a man who rose up from a mere victim of society up to the Heavyweight Champion of the whole damn world.”

NFM’s music fades, and as he takes off his long black trench coat, the crowd boos as “At The End of August” by 36 Crazyfists plays, ushering in the Champion.

Dacia: “His opponent… from Los Angeles, California, weighing in at 230 pounds… he is the NWF Heavyweight Champion of the World… Ladies and Gentlemen… Pete ‘POz’ Osbourne!”

POz comes out, wearing the new “Victim of Society II” T-Shirt from The NWF Madd Merchandise Shop, black jean shorts that are fairly ragged but on purpose, and of course, the World title belt around his waist. He gets into the ring, removes his belt, and raises it up to display while never taking his cold stare off of NFM. The crowd boos.

Danny: “See? I told you… no fear from POz. He made an example out of John Bane, and now, he’s going to make an example out of NFM!”

Mike: “He may just do that, Danny. But, he may also end up losing that World Heavyweight title. Remember, NFM is a former Champion himself, and was never actually defeated for the title.”

Danny: “Defeated? He walked off! He abandoned the title. Hell, I’d have more respect for the guy if he had actually lost it.”

NWF Senior Referee Mike Johnson raises the gold up to display that this is a Championship match.

Then, as he hands the belt to Dacia, he calls for the opening bell. The fans are on the edge of their seats. POz smirks at the challenger, and they lockup. A couple seconds go by, and then they break, but POz slaps NFM right in the mouth… not one of those little bitch slaps either, but a full on smack in the mouth that leave an echo. NFM holds his face for a second, but then he turns back and rushes at the Champion. POz rushes out of the ring, NFM gives chase, and POz runs a complete circle around the ring with NFM chasing before sliding back in. NFM slides back in also, but as he gets up, he gets a swift kick in the chin… and you had better believe the field goal is good. The crowd boos the cowardly act by the Champion.

Danny: “Hah! NFM should’ve known what POz was doing there!”

Mike: “Oh, I’m sorry Danny… I thought you said that POz wasn’t afraid of the challenger.”

Danny: “He’s not! He just baited into a trap, that’s all. It’s called intelligence Mike, but I wouldn’t expect you to know anything about that.”

POz then picks up NFM and goes to whip him to the ropes, but NFM counters it, and pulls him into a Kneelift to the gut. NFM then clubs him over the back of the neck with a forearm, then another, and another. He then picks up the Champ and whips him to the ropes, but he ducks way too soon for a Back Bodydrop, and POz kicks him again in the head. NFM covers up his face, and turns away slightly. POz then jumps up, and goes for a Rocker Dropper, but NFM moves out just enough to cause POz to miss it, and bust his ass on the mat. A few laughs are heard from the crowd. POz gets back up, but is met with a hard shot to the chest by NFM. The challenger then hits a hard Reverse Knifehand Chop, which can probably be heard outside the arena. POz covers up, and yells out. The crowd gives a ‘Whoooo!’

Mike: “Good God! What a chop!”

Danny: “NFM really lit him up there.”

NFM then whips POz into the far corner, and he follows up and connects with a Stinger Splash. NFM then runs over to the opposite far corner, turns back, runs and hits another Stinger Splash, and with great elevation and length on the jump, damn near causing himself to go over the top rope, but he manages to stay in. POz collapses to a sitting position. NFM then runs back to where he was, turns, and rushes in, then jumps, spinning in mid-air, and hits a Flying Butt Bump, forcing POz’s head against the turnbuckles. POz then rolls out of the ring, and just lies there as NFM gets a M-A-S-S-I-V-E POP!

Mike: “NFM has really caught fire!”

Danny: “Yeah, he has, but it’s still early.”

NFM then climbs up on the top turnbuckle, and as POz struggles just to get to a standing position, NFM leaps off high into the air, and crashes down upon POz with a spectacular Flying Plancha. The crowd pops again for the great move. NFM is slow to get up, but he still does get to his feet before POz even begins to move. He picks up the Champion, and rolls him into the ring. NFM then gets up on the apron, and he then goes up to the top turnbuckle again. POz gets up dazed, and NFM leaps off for a Flying Clothesline a la Kane or The Undertaker back in his younger years, but POz ducks it, and NFM misses but manages to roll through and quickly get back up. However, when he turns… THWACK! He is met with a Superkick from the Champ. POz then falls to all fours for a few seconds, before looking up, and nodding that he’s back in control.

Mike: “POz hit that Superkick, and he is now looking to turn it around in this match.”

Danny: “Maybe so, but he should really start doing it soon, as NFM isn’t going to stay down for long.”

Mike: “You actually said something good about NFM?”

Danny: “No, but… it is the truth, right?”

Mike: “You? Speaking truth? Will wonders ever cease?”

POz gets up, and goes to make a cover, but NFM kicks out before the hand slaps for the count of one. POz then begins a Mounted Punch, and Johnson begins a five-count. He actually gets to five, and then tries to pull POz off of the challenger. He then starts counting again, and at the count of four, POz stops and gets up. Johnson berates him, but POz pays little-to-no attention. NFM is shown with a small amount of blood on his forehead. POz picks up the weary challenger, lifts him up, and hits a Backdrop Suplex. He then bounces off the ropes, and hits a Running Elbowdrop. POz covers…





NO! NFM slides the shoulder up. POz argues with the ref that it was three, but then he picks up NFM. NFM hits POz in the gut, and then with a Forearm to the side of the head. NFM then whips POz to the ropes, but POz spingboards off and then hits NFM with a Back Elbowsmash. POz then shakes his head ‘no’ about NFM’s comeback. He goes to lock in a Rear Chinlock, but then adjusts and locks in the Tourniquet (Guillotine Choke).

Mike: “POz has NFM locked in the Tourniquet, that Front Facelock Chokehold originated by Oleg Taktarov. NFM may be in trouble here if he can’t fight out of this.”

Danny: “Come on POz! Choke him out!”

Mike Johnson checks to make certain that the lock is around the chin and not the throat (although, around the throat is the proper way to do it, but’s it’s illegal). POz lifts NFM up at an angle, applying more pressure. You can see NFM’s body twitch, as he’s in danger of being out of this match. Johnson lifts NFM’s hand…

it falls…

He lifts again…

…it falls…

He then lifts one more time…

…it fa… it stay’s up! NFM then shakes his fists, and the fans begin clapping and stomping. POz looks around, telling them to shut up. NFM gets his knees underneath him, and begins to slowly get up. POz looks around desperately, and then… releases the hold but quickly hits NFM in the ribs, causing him to slightly duck down, just enough for POz to set him up and hit the Deadbolt (Tiger Bomb)! The fans react in total disappointment.

Mike: “There’s the Deadbolt! This one could be over here!”

POz hooks the leg…






3NO! NFM kicks out! The fans pop HUGE! POz pounds the mat in frustation. POz then picks up NFM, but NFM quickly grabs the Champion by the throat, lifts him up for a Chokeslam, but wouldn’t you know it… POz not only escapes in mid-move but also manages to hit the Déjà vu (Diamond Cutter)! POz looks up with his eyes wide, realizing what had just happened.

Mike: “Danny, I think that was just pure instinct on the part of Osbourne. Even he seems surprised by it.”

Danny: “That’s that survival instinct that has allowed POz to come up from the streets of Los Angeles all the way to the top of the world. He’s not going to give it up easily.”

POz covers…




No! NFM slides the shoulder up. POz nearly begins to pull his own hair out, as he’s completely frustrated with the referee. He stomps on NFM a couple of times, and then stalks him from behind, waiting for him to get to his feet. NFM slowly does so, and then POz moves in for the Red, Red Kroovy (Angle Slam), but NFM slides off his shoulders, and as POz turns around, he is quickly Chokeslammed by the challenger! The fans pop HUGE!

Mike: “Chokeslam! Chokeslam! NFM just hit the Chokeslam, but he’s not able to make the cover!”

Danny: “Comon Osbourne!”

Both men are down! The referee begins the ten count…







POz moves around a bit…


NFM begins to stir…


POz gets up to one knee, which is enough to end the count. He moves towards NFM, but suddenly, NFM sits up! POz is startled a bit, and NFM begins to get up. POz puts in a few shots, but NFM is not affected. The fans are going nuts! POz then bounces off the ropes, but NFM catches him and tosses him well overhead with a Belly-to-Belly Suplex! POz crashes down hard! NFM quickly gets back to his feet, and as POz staggers up, NFM picks him up for a Bodyslam, but suddenly, it appears that NFM is ready to hit the Lightning Strike (Jumping Inverted Tombstone Piledriver), but POz manages to break free of NFM’s grasp, and as POz lands, he somehow manages to lift NFM up, and hit the Red Red Kroovy (Angle Slam)! The fans are shocked!

Mike: “The RRK! POz is about to retain his title here!”

POz covers…







3NO! NO! NFM kicks out! The fans go crazy!

Mike: “Two… Three! No! NFM kicked out! NFM kicked out! Oh my God, he kicked out!”

Danny: “Fuggetabouddit! POz just hit the RRK, and NFM kicked out! Nobody kicks out of the RRK!”

POz is in shock. He rolls out of the ring, and grabs his title belt away from Dacia and he begins to leave the ring. The fans boo.

Danny: “What?”

Mike: “Pete Osbourne is just walking out!”

Danny: “Well, he’s hit everything he has and it hasn’t been enough. So, he’ll take his belt and go home. He’ll lose the winner’s money, but retain the title by countout.”

Mike: “What a coward!”

Suddenly, Commissioner Syco is seen on the N-Tron.

Syco: “Pete. Pete, man. You don’t think I’m just going to let you walk out on this main event, now do you?”

The fans pop! POz is gritting his teeth in anger.

Syco: “Come on now, do you know how many times I’ve beaten NFM? I’ve lost count. Now, you’re the World Heavyweight Champion, right? If you can’t beat NFM, and you’re just gonna walk out like a little bitch… you will be stripped of the title.”

Mike: “Outstanding!”

Danny: “He can’t do that!”

Mike: “He’s the NWF Commissioner Danny. I assure you, he can.”

Danny: “That’s bullshit!”

POz screams out in anger, and the fans laugh and taunt him as the referee begins the ten-count. POz looks around, and the taunts and laughs are reminding him of his childhood. He’s about to lose it. He then rushes back into the ring, and he picks up the challenger for another RRK, but suddenly, NFM slides off of POz’s shoulders, and as POz turns, he’s lifted up for… yes… the Lightning Strike! The fans go ballistic!

Mike: “The Lightning Strike! That Jumping Inverted Tombstone Piledriver that’s finished off many a wrestler!”

Danny: “This isn’t fair!”

NFM covers…






3NO! POz kicks out of the Lightning Strike! The fans are stunned!

Mike: “POz kicks out! Pete Osbourne just kicked out of the damn Lightning Strike!”

Danny: “Yes! Good job POz!”

Mike: “Both men have kicked out of the other’s finishing maneuver! What the hell are they going to have to do to beat the other person!”

NFM gets back up, and reaches down to pick up POz. He then sets up for another Lightning Strike, but then, POz flips over, and can you believe this… POz delivers the Lightning Strike to NFM!

Danny: “What?”

Mike: “The Lightning Strike! POz just gave NFM his own move!”

Danny: “Unbe-friggin-lieveable!”

POz hooks the leg…





NO! NFM kicks out! The fans EXPLODE into cheers! POz cannot believe what is happening!

Mike: “NFM kicked out! Oh my God! He’s kicked out of a Tiger Bomb, an RRK, and now, a Jumping Inverted Tombstone Piledriver!”

Danny: “Fuck it, I’m out of words.”

Mike: “That’s the biggest development of the night! The world’s biggest mouth is speechless!”

Danny: “…fuck you.”

POz goes over to the near corner, and punches the turnbuckle. He doesn’t know what else to do. Then, he looks at the turnbuckle, and you can almost see the little cartoon lightbulb turn on. He climbs the turnbuckles, and stares down at the challenger.

Mike: “What is this going to be, and will it be enough?”

POz leaps off for the Frog Splash… and connects… with the mat! NFM rolls out of the damn way! The fans pop! NFM looks like he’s spent. He waits there for POz to get up, and as he does… he lifts him up, and hits another Lightning Strike!

Mike: “This has got to be it!”

NFM covers…





…NO! POz puts his foot on the bottom rope, breaking the count! NFM just shakes his head in disbelief.

Danny: “…you have got to be fucking kidding me.”

Mike: “My thoughts exactly! POz has kicked out of ANOTHER Lightning Strike!”

Danny: “He didn’t kick out Mike, he put his foot on the bottom rope. But still… damn!”

NFM then gets up, and nearly falls back over. POz is lying prone on the mat. NFM just rolls him off the edge of the ring apron and to the floor, and then he just falls to his knees as the count begins.

Mike: “If POz is counted out, NFM will not win the title!”

Danny: “At this point, I don’t think he cares. Right now, he wants a victory over Pete Osbourne, and nothing else is working.”

POz begins to get up, and at the count of nine… he gets into the ring. If you can read lips, you’d know that NFM just said “…shit”. He goes over towards the Champion, and as POz stumbles back, NFM lifts him up, and hits the Champion with the Red Red Kroovy! The fans pop! NFM just falls back on top of the champ…





NO! POz kicks out! NFM just sits there, and shrugs.

Mike: “Folks, you are seeing two men give everything they have here for the World Championship.”

Danny: “I don’t know if this is a classic, or just a match that I want to see come to an end already.”

NFM picks up POz, who snaps off a hard right. The Champion then whips NFM to the ropes, but is too worn out to do anything, so they just collide. POz falls backwards, while NFM falls into the ropes, then bounces off and falls forward, hitting POz with a Low Blow Headbutt.

Danny: “…damn! Disqualify NFM ref! That was an intentional Low Blow!”

Mike: “No it wasn’t Danny! NFM just collapsed forward.”

Danny: “…I know, but I figured it was a good excuse to end this thing.”

The fans pop for the crotch shot. NFM then gets up to his feet, and he reaches down and grabs POz’s legs. The fans cheer, as they see this thing ending. NFM slowly flips POz over… and into the Thanataphobia (Elevated Crab with a knee in the back of the neck)!

Mike: “He’s applied the Fear of Death! We may be seconds away from a new World Champion!”

Danny: “Fight it POz!”

Mike: “I thought you wanted it to end?”

Mike Johnson asks POz, who responds…

POz: “NO! NO! NO! NO-O-O-O! NO!”

NFM really yanks back on it, and POz screams out! The fans are anticipating a tap, but they’re not getting one. POz struggles… and struggles… and struggles some more!

Danny: “That knee in the back of the neck! POz is going to have his neck broken!”

Mike: “He’s fought hard, but he needs to give it up!”

POz manages to fight it off for another seven minutes. Finally, he appears to be out. Mike Johnson checks him. He raises the arm…

…it drops.

He raises it again…

…again, it drops…

He raises the arm one more time…

…the arm drops. Johnson calls for the bell, and the fans GO ABSOLUTELY BONKERS! NFM releases the hold immediately, and just flops backwards.

Mike: “It’s over! It’s over! New World Champion!”

Danny: “I’m just glad that it’s finally over!”

Mike: “Let’s get the official word!”

Dacia: “Ladies and Gentlemen… the winner of this match by submission, and… NEW NWF World Heavyweight Champion… NFM!”

Mike: “History has been made here at Genesis! We have a new Heavyweight Champion of the World, but folks, whether you love him or hate him, you have to give all the credit in the world to Pete Osbourne. He would not stay down, and he did not tap out.”

EMT’s come in to check POz. NFM is given the World title belt by Mike Johnson, who then raises the arm of the new Champion. You can tell by the look in NFM’s eyes that he’s all blown up. The EMT’s are putting a precautionary neckbrace on Poz [/QUOTE]

[B]  We return to find Blake has been staring up at the screen, watching the entire match [/B]

BLAKE:  Even now that stands up as one of the greatest matches we've ever had in the NWF!  But it was also the start of a year that would see the World Title change hands a number of times, and NFM began to focus on other areas of the company.  For a time in the spring he was the General Manager of Turbulence during the short-lived roster split, and once the roster had joined back as one, he became the NWF Commissioner for a period of time.  In the end, it wasn't until summer of 2005 that we saw NFM back in the ring, and in this next match he takes on one of the most imposing men the NWF has ever seen, and one of the only men who can stand eye to eye with NFM – Big EVIL!

[B]  The camera pans over to the screen again, then switches feeds once more, to show footage from NWF Aftershock, September 3rd 2005: [/B]

[QUOTE]  Goldberg's Theme fills the air as Big EVIL makes his way down the ramp.

Dacia: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall with a one-hour time limit. Making his way to the ring, from Tralee Ireland, weighing in at 342 pounds, Big EVIL!

MM: Big Evil has been off NWF Television for way too long.

Suddenly, the lights dim, and the crowd reaction increases dramatically.


The crowd lights up for the former IWZ and NWF superstar. Flashbulbs are seen dotting the crowd.


Then a huge fireball explosion happens at the top of the ramp. "Fear" by Disturbed begins to play as NFM, wearing his trademark black cowboy hat, khaki trenchcoat and sword "Molotoch", appears underneath the NWF-Tron. As he walks down the entrance ramp, four lightning bolts slam down onto the turnbuckles. Even Big EVIL jumps back at the shock, (no pun intended,) of the pyrotechnics.

Dacia: And his opponent, from Castle No Fear in Osterhout, weighing in at 240 pounds, Ladies and Gentlemen, NFM!!"

MM: Whatever you think of the man, his is one of the best entrances in sports entertainment.

DD: And having thousands of wrestling fans happy to have him back makes it all that much more impressive.

MM: Agreed. He sure has a lot of history here in this business.

As the music dies down, NFM steps into the ring. Referee George Brush walks over to him, demanding his weapon of him. NFM looks at him, then the crowd, and holds the blade aloft. The crowd cheers again, then NFM hands the sword to Brush, as well as his trenchcoat. Brush then hands NFM's gear to the timekeeper, and signals for the start of the match.

MM: And here we go!

Both men circle each other in the ring, then lock up in the middle. NFM gets the upper hand, tossing EVIL to the mat. Evil recovers quickly, and comes for NFM. NFM sends him into the turnbuckle with a Drop Toe-Hold, bouncing EVIL's face off the bottom turnbuckle. NFM then recovers, and hops onto EVIL's back for a reverse Lou Thesz Press, dribbling Evil's head off the turnbuckle. Brush administers a five-count...





NFM jumps off of EVIL, and starts to walk away, then presses his shin onto EVIL's head. Brush goes back to the count...





NFM breaks the hold, and starts to confront the referee.

MM: Big EVIL seems to have the short end of the stick so far in the match

DD: NFM is on a mission here tonight.

EVIL climbs up the turnbuckle to a vertical base. NFM turns away from the ref and goes for a spear. EVIL pulls away at the last minute, sending NFM shoulder first into the steel ring post. EVIL then grabs NFM at the waist, and pulls him back to perform a Suplex, releasing him over by the near side ropes. EVIL then recovers, and goes for the pin,





No! NFM gets a foot on the ropes! Brush nearly shoves EVIL off of NFM, who stands up, runs and bounces off the turnbuckle to hit NFM with a baseball silde, sending NFM to the concrete floor.

MM: Big EVIL with a big swing of momentum in his direction.

EVIL then hops out of the ring, and picks up NFM by the head. He then delivers an Irish Whip towards the steel ring steps. NFM reverses the whip, sending EVIL into the steps. NFM then rolls into the ring to break up Brush's ten count, and back out to continue the attack. NFM backs EVIL into the security barrier, and delivers a series of chops to the chest. NFM then sets him up for another Whip, EVIL reverses again, sending NFM back into the same steel ring post as before.

MM: That ring post and NFM should be real good friends by now.

DD: Man, NFM should have learned form the first time.

MM: You think?

EVIL rolls NFM back into the ring, and then scrambles in after him. EVIL then picks NFM up for the Jackhammer and connects. EVIL then turns to yell at the crowd.

DD: Amazing move from Big EVIL!

MM: Now stop showboating and go for the cover...

Almost as if he heard Mike Masters, EVIL indeed goes for the cover...





NO! NFM kicks out! EVIL looks confused, turning to Brush to appeal the count. (Of course, that never works.) NFM recovers while EVIL is arguing. NFM then walks behind EVIL and taps him on the shoulder. EVIL turns around, and looks straight into the NFM's "Final Destination" Chokeslam. NFM connects, and then drops onto EVIL for the cover...





No! Evil kicks out!

MM: One hell of a war between these two men.

DD: Both men have kicked out of some of their opponents biggest moves!

Both men return to a vertical base, trading right hands. EVIL grabs NFM, and sends him back with a Belly to Belly Suplex. EVIL lets out a yell, and picks NFM up for another Jackhammer.

MM: If at first you don't succeed...

But before EVIL can connect, NFM reverses and sets EVIL up for the Lightning Strike, (Jumping Tombstone Piledriver).

DD: Look out!

NFM connects with the Lightning Strike, and goes for the cover...






Dacia: Ladies and Gentlemen, your winner, NFM!"

Brush pulls NFM up and raises his arm in victory as more flashbulbs fill the arena. NFM motions for Brush to go get his sword. The timekeeper is already a step ahead of him, handing NFM's gear through the ropes. NFM takes the sword and raises it above his head again, to the cheers of the crowd [/QUOTE]

[B]  The scene from Aftershock fades to black, and is replaced with the following words:


[B]  The NWF logo flashes across the screen, then we fade in from black to the now-familiar Best Of NWF studio, with a large screen on the back wall, and posters of various NWF superstars past and present adorning the other walls.  Sat on a tall stool underneath the screen, we see NWF Interviewer Blake James [/B]

BLAKE:  Folks, welcome back to this inaugural edition of the Best Of NWF, focussing on our current Interim Owner, NFM, the No Fear Man!  So far, we've seen NFM's exploits in 2004 and 2005, as he took the World Title twice, and was involved in some of the biggest matches in the NWF's history.  Come 2006, many new stars were taking the spotlight from NFM.  After a brief feud with the Eagle, NFM seemed to have retired from active competition, only to return all of a sudden in August 2006.  And at Aftershock in Japan, NFM stepped into the ring to fight for the NWF Lights Out Extreme Championship, against another of NWF's most dominating figures – The Demond!

[B]  The feed changes, and fades in from black to show us NWF Aftershock, August 2006: [/B]

[QUOTE] Godfather : Ok, folks. We are back live at The Tokyo Dome. It is time for another one of our extreme matches.

NFM -vs.- The Demond

Mike: This is Demond's stronghold.

RBK: I think this looks to be a match that will favor NFM.

Godfather: Well, speak of the devil...

"Fear" by Disturbed (NFM Mix) hits the top of the ramp at the Tokyo Dome just below the huge NWFTron.

Mike: NFM in his regular outfit Black cowboy hat, long khaki trenchcoat, blue jeans, black boots, No Fear shirt, and his sword "Molotoch". NFM has held many titles in several different federations not to be messed with.

He enters the ring to a mix of cheers and a few boos These Japanese fans can turn on you in a instant.

The music changes to "Sons of Plunder" by Disturbed.

Godfather: Here he is the giant we call demond some claim he is over 7'7" but Demond wont let anyone get close enough to measure his height. He towers over the 6'2" NFM .

Mike: Referee calls both men to the center and carefully takes away NFM sword. It may lights out but no swords, no David vrs Goliath ending .

RBK: Mike, here they go.

NFM is really doing some nasty verbal trash talking to Demond something about Demonds mother and the size of her private area. Demond responds with his own verbal jab about where he is going to stick NFM's sword and turn it sideways. NFM, not one to take an insult, slaps Demond hard across the face.

Mike: Wait, the lights in the Dome are flickering.

Demond has stopped in his tracks looking up in the rafters talking to somebody up there.

Godfather: NFM taking full advantage as he dropkicks Demond in his knees.

The kick rocks the giant, and NFM follows it up with a sledgehammer double fist shot to his chest. Demond is now on his knees .

RBK: What is that noise, you guys? From here it sounds like wailing. Almost like somebody in pain or trying to get out of a box or something.

Godfather: Yeah we hear it strange.

Demond hears it. Again, the lights go out. We are in the dark except for cameras and red lights.

Mike: Wait, we're back, folks. We are sorry. I'm not sure what is going on.

RBK: Guys, NFM has Demond down.

NFM delivers several leg drops to the back of his head; this keeps the giant down. He walks over to the corner picks up his trusty sword. NFM smiles a sly smile leaves the sword but takes the leather and brass holder smashes it over Demonds forehead, busting open the big guy, who is struggling to get to his feet.

Mike: Thanataphobia!!!

Godfather: NFM is putting the move on one of the most successful holds in NWF history!

But Demond is too strong to give up. NFM sensing this, signals for his finisher, The Lightning Strike (Jumping Tombstone Piledriver). He picks up the huge man, showing he has great strength. Bam! NFM hits it.

Mike: Lightning Strike!

Godfather: Mike, this is it all over.

Mike: Referee George E. Brush counts.



Demond is almost out...


Winner of the match and NEW NWF Lights Out Extreme Champion... NFM!!!

RBK: That was a much shorter bout than I expected, but I think all the weird stuff going on distracted Demond more than NFM [/QUOTE]

[B] The scene fades out, then fades back in to a darkened room with a lone chair, in which we find former NWF World Champion the Eagle, his piercing blue eyes locked on the camera [/B]

EAGLE: just another name on the list of opponents I have defeated.  But, he is one of the only people to ever have the balls to call me out, to demand to face me.  He sees himself as something of a conscience to the NWF; a misguided view, but one that he clings on to nevertheless.  He is nearly as good as me in the ring; he's defeated every moron that he has faced, with the exception of myself, of course.  He was even the only member of the roster who had the balls to stand up to that deranged half-wit, Corey Gein.  I would've done it myself, naturally, but I was busy at the time.  Would I fight him again if I returned to the ring?  Maybe.  If he still wants a piece of me.  But from my point of view, I've already beaten him, so what's in it for me?  Still, the fans would clamour to see two of the greatest in the NWF's history go at it one more time.  Even if they already know that I will win...

[B]  We fade out from the Eagle, and then back in to find Blake still sat on his stool in the studio [/B]

MIKE:  NFM was as proud a Lights Out Extreme Champion – later rechristened the NWF Xtreme Champion – as he was a World Champion.  Indeed, at Seasons Beatings III, as we'll see now, NFM defended his title against one of the NWF's most daring, risk taking high-flyers, in Hardy, in an Inferno Cage Match!  This is NFM at his hardcore finest!

[B]  As Blake grins at the camera, the feed cuts once more, to NWF Season's Beatings III, December 2006: [/B]

[QUOTE]  The camera goes back to the ring and the turnbuckles, ropes, and announce table have been removed from ringside. There is one set of steel stairs in the entranceway leading into the ring.

Dacia: The next match is scheduled for one fall, and is the Inferno Cage Match!

The fans go nuts

Dacia: This is a special steel cage match with no door, and the entire thing will be set on fire…the only way to win will be to climb the cage and escape!

“Enemy” by Fozzy starts to play and Hardy steps out onto the stage. He’s fully clothed, in all white. A t-shirt, pants, boots, gloves and his armbands are white. He looks up toward the ceiling over the ring at the cage and begins to look apprehensive and a bit scared. He takes a deep breath, sighs it out, and heads toward the ring. He slowly walks to the ring and as he gets about half way down the ramps, we see four paramedics and two stretchers on standby next to the ramp.

Dacia: Coming to the ring first, the challenger…weighing in at two hundred and nineteen pounds, Hardy!

Hardy stops just before the ring and looks up once again, still a bit apprehensive. He looks back to the stage and sighs, stepping into the ring as “Enemy” is replaced with “Fear (The NFM Re-mix)” by Disturbed. NFM steps out onto the stage with the title draped over his shoulder. He takes one look at Hardy, fully clothed in the ring and shakes his head in disapproval. He walks down the ramp and steps up the stairs and into the ring. Hardy is bouncing around a bit in the ring trying to loosen up.

Dacia: …and the champion…Weighing in at two hundred and forty pounds, the NWF Xtreme Champion, the No Fear Man, N…F…M!!!!

NFM pulls the title off his shoulder and hoists it over his head and the crowd cheers. He hands it to the referee the referee shows it to the crowd and hands it off, leaving the ring. The lights dim and white strobe lights begin to flicker as the cage is slowly lowered into place. Hardy stands, looking around watching the cage. He looks like he’s about to dive under the bottom of the cage before it touches the fire retardant side of the ring, but decides not to. The cage touches and three NWF pyrotechnicians come to the ring with torches, lighting the bottom of the cage all the way around. The fire quickly spreads to the top and the entire cage is engulfed and the bell rings.

Cage Inferno Match:
Hardy -vs.- NFM

Masters: And we’re underway here! First ever Inferno Cage match!

RBK: I still think it’s bullshit that we have to call this match backstage.

Masters: The intense heat from the burning cage has forced us to move the fans back and for us to call this match from backstage, watching on a television.

RBK: The cage has only just been lit, look at Hardy sweating already. He really shouldn’t have come to a match like this fully clothed.

Godfather: Hardy is sweating worse than Michael Jackson at a boy scout convention!

Hardy and NFM circle each other twice over, and Hardy drops his hands. He puts his right hand up to ask NFM to give him a second. Hardy pulls his shirt up, but as it covers his face, NFM kicks him in the stomach. Hardy bends over and NFM drops Hardy head first to the mat with a DDT. NFM rips Hardy’s shirt off and throws it into the cage, the shirt immediately catching fire. NFM picks up Hardy and connects with a right hand, a second, and a third. NFM takes Hardy by the wrist and whips him towards the cage, but Hardy baseball slides and stops just before he touched the cage. He scrambles back to his feet and away from the cage, only to be met by a clothesline from NFM. NFM picks Hardy up and scoop slams him back down, dropping an elbow across the chest, followed by a second. NFM gets up and goes for a third, but Hardy rolls out of the way. Both men make their way to their feet and Hardy dropkicks NFM down. Both men stand and Hardy connects with an arm drag. NFM gets up and Hardy connects with a hurricanrana, sending NFM towards, but not into the cage. NFM stands up and Hardy charges. Hardy dives, looking for a body splash, but NFM moves! Hardy somehow puts a foot on one of the bars of the cage and springs back off the cage, turning in mid-air and bulldogging NFM to the mat! Hardy’s boot starts to flame and he rubs his foot across the ring mat quickly to stop it from spreading more than it already had.

Masters: Hardy technically the first to be set on fire here.

RBK: Yeah, but it doesn’t matter who’s set on fire first. All that matter is who gets out first.

Masters: That was some quick footwork from Hardy to avoid a serious injury just a few minutes into this match.

RBK: Good stuff from both of them.

Hardy stands up and picks up NFM, locking him in a side headlock. NFM slips out and grabs Hardy around the waist, throwing Hardy with a release German suplex. NFM stands up and picks up Hardy, lifting Hardy onto his shoulders and slams him down with a running powerslam. NFM stands up and smirks. He reaches down and pulls a piece of paper out of his boot and lets it catch fire from the cage, walking it over and placing it on Hardy’s pants. Hardy quickly squirms and the paper falls to the mat. Hardy stands up and NFM steps over the small fire, only to be dropkicked back onto it! NFM rolls off the paper and the fire is out. Hardy picks NFM up and connects with two forearms to the back, putting NFM’s head between his legs and driving NFM to the mat with a piledriver. Hadry stands up and starts looking around the cage.

Masters: Looks like Hardy’s looking to get out already!

Hardy steps over to one of the corners of the cage and starts to put his hand up, but once he gets too close and feels the immense heat, he quickly pulls his hand away. He turns back and looks worried as he surveys the rest of the cage.

RBK: I knew it! He’s afraid of being burned!

NFM stands up and Hardy charges in but NFM connects with a dropkick of his own to the sternum, sending Hardy to the mat. NFM stands up and picks up Hardy connecting with a kick to the stomach. He grabs Hardy by the back of his pants and his head and throws him into the cage face first! Hardy bounces off the cage and immediately starts to flare, falling to the mat and rolls around, screaming in pain. We can see the bright red imprints of the cage all up and down Hardy’s bare flesh. He screams and tries to grasp his stomach and chest in an attempt to alleviate some of the pain of being burned, but NFM gives him no time to recover. NFM picks him up and hooks Hardy’s right arm over his head and connects with a vertical suplex. NFM stands up and picks up Hardy’s right arm, locking Hardy in a side arm bar. NFM applies pressure and Hardy starts to look for a way out. As NFM wrenches, Hardy somehow bends his arm and slides out behind NFM, taking NFM to the mat face first. Hardy picks up NFM’s legs and rolls NFM onto his back. Hardy hooks NFM’s ankles under his arm and looks out to the crowd who cheer. Hardy falls backwards and bends his knees, slingshotting NFM face first into the cage! NFM hits the cage and bounces back off into a back body drop from Hardy.

Masters: Hardy’s hanging in there.

RBK: He’s doing much better than I thought he would.

Godfather: Look at NFM! Now they both look like a roasted chicken!

NFM is on his back and we see the same red cage imprints all over the front of NFM’s body. Hardy turns around and looks apprehensive, but reaches out for the cage. He starts to scale as quickly as he can, getting about three feet off the mat but has to jump back to the mat. He starts shaking his hands and the camera gets a close up and they’re all red, already burned from the short climb. Hardy looks at the cage and takes a step back and starts to lunge at the cage, but NFM trips Hardy and Hardy falls face first into the cage! Hardy rolls around, holding his face and screaming in pure agony as NFM stands up and begins to laugh at Hardy. NFM turns to the cage and grabs it, apparently not affected by the extreme heat. NFM starts to climb the cage, carefully placing his feet so he doesn’t fall. He gets about half way up when Hardy stands and realizes NFM is escaping. Hardy charges and scales up the side of the cage, grabbing NFM around the waist and bringing both men crashing back down to the mat with a German suplex! The crowd goes wild.

Masters: What a German suplex from Hardy!

RBK: That was damn impressive.

Masters: Lets take another look at that!

A replay is shown of the German suplex from three different angles, then we go back to the live feed. Hardy is standing up and the entire right side of his face is a bright red color. He leans down and picks up NFM and scoop slams him back to the mat. Hardy walks to NFM’s feet and picks up his legs, locking NFM in a Sharpshooter! NFM screams out in pain as Hardy wrenches as far back as he possibly can without falling over. NFM starts to fight back and after about a ten second struggle, sends Hardy flying into the cage, breaking the hold! Hardy bounces off, this time his pantleg has caught some flame! Hardy kicks and kicks his leg until the fire goes out and steps back to NFM, who pokes Hardy in the eye. NFM takes Hardy close to the cage and Hardy starts to resist, so NFM jumps up and hits an Enziguiri, sending Hardy into the cage again! As Hardy comes back this time, NFM trips him down onto his back. Hardy lies there, almost motionless as NFM stands up and faces the cage, grabbing hold and beginning to ascend once again. He gets about half way up before Hardy starts to stir. NFM gets to the top of the cage and starts to climb over as Hardy gets to his feet. Realizing what he’s doing, Hardy ignores the intense heat of the burning cage and climbs to the top, stopping NFM from dropping to the floor! Hardy hooks NFM’s arm over his head and using all the strength in his body, pulls NFM back over the cage, but NFM counters and lands on top of Hardy!

Masters: Oh my god! What a counter!

RBK: I have never seen that from the top of a steel cage before!

Godfather: There’s no way we’ll see these two when the NWF comes back in two weeks!

The crowd starts to chant “Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit!” Both men lie motionless on the ring mat. NFM has rolled off Hardy and both men are staring at the ceiling, both with irregular breathing. As they’re lying there, two separate small chants begin. One half of the crowd chants “Hardy!” and the other side chants “NFM!” then the first half chants “Hardy!” then the second half responds with an even louder “NFM!”…the chant builds and builds…

Masters: It looks like NFM is moving…maybe he’ll be the first to his feet.

RBK: Hardy beginning to stir as well.

Godfather: It’s a rat race!

Both men get to their feet and NFM delivers a right hand to the side of Hardy’s temple. Hardy returns one, NFM hits. Hardy hits, NFM hits. The two trade blows back and forth for about twenty seconds before NFM misses. Hardy ducks and NFM’s punch goes over Hardy’s head. Hardy kicks NFM in the stomach and delivers the Dash Board Drop-Out! Hardy stands up and heads to the cage, beginning to climb…either too burned to feel the pain or just wanting to get out. Hardy gets about towards the top and looks down. He slowly climbs over to the corner of the cage, and looks down. He gets to his feet.

Masters: No…he’s not.

RBK: I think he is!

Hardy dives off the corner of the cage, looking for a Shooting Star Press, but NFM lifts his knees! NFM shoves Hardy off of himself. He stands up, and picks up Hardy, putting his in position and hitting The Lightning Strike! NFM stands up and the crowd starts to cheer. He steps over to the cage and grabs it, scaling up and over, taking his time. He gets a few feet away and drops to the floor, collapsing as soon as he hits it. The bell rings and a referee brings the Xtreme title to NFM. “Fear” plays over the PA system and NFM raises his hand in victory as the EMT’s come to his side. He shoves the away and raises his title in celebration

Dacia: Here is your winner and STILL NWF Xtreme Champion, No Fear Man, N…F…M!!!

NFM holds his title up and celebrates as the scene fades [/QUOTE]

[B]  We come back again to Blake in the studio [/B]

BLAKE:  As we entered 2007, NFM seemed to be rounding up all the titles that had so far eluded him in his NWF career.  Once he was done with the Xtreme Title he, with the help of Strajk as his partner, challenged for the NWF Tag Team Titles!  It's a rare thing to see NFM in tag action, which makes this match all the more exciting!

[B]  The feed switches again, to NWF Breakdown, January 22nd 2007: [/B]

[QUOTE] The bell rings three times, as it’s time to get ready for our main event for the evening.

“Painting the White to Gray” by Chimaira hits and the crowd knows that it’s time.

Dacia: Ladies and gentlemen, this our main event for the evening, and it is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first at a combined weight of 549 pounds, they are the longest reigning tag team champions in NWF history, “The King of Knockouts” Kerry Owen and “Bombshell” Erik Quick, they are Shellshock!!

The champs make their way to the ring. Quick has a very concerned look on his face.

“Fear” by Disturbed begins to play throughout the arena

Dacia: And introducing next the challengers, at a combined weight of 470 pounds, N-F-M and “The Main Event” David Strajk!!

The challengers make their way to the ring

Main Event:
Shellshock © vs. NFM and David Strajk

The match starts with NFM and Owens in the ring, the bigger Owens lunges towards NFM but he ducks out of the way. NFM quickly delivers a chop block to the Owens’ right leg. He then repeatedly delivers lefts and rights to the head of Owens. The big man uses his size and strength advantage to push NFM away. NFM gets up and rushes to go back to work on Owens but..

As NFM runs in Owens delivers a huge over head belly to belly suplex to NFM. He goes for the pin.






2 ...

NFM kicks out!!

Owens picks NFM up and cinches in a front face lock. He pulls NFM to his corner and tags in “Bombshell”

Quick gets in and lays kicks into the prone ribs of NFM. He picks NFM up and goes and attempts a side kick, NFM catches his foot. Quick jumps and kicks tries to catch him in the back of the head with his free foot, but NFM ducks. With Quick turned around NFM grabs his neck and quickly delivers an inverted DDT. Both men are down and the ref begins his ten count.







NFM is close to his corner



NFM makes the tag to Strajk

Strajk jumps in and grabs the foot of Erik Quick and pulls him back to the center of the ring. He picks him up in a waist lock position. Quick tries to deliver a back elbow, but Strajk ducks it. Strajk then sends Quick into the ropes, as he comes off Strajk delivers a big spine buster. Strajk then quickly locks in an arm bar on Quick. Quick is writhing in pain, but suddenly he rolls through the armbar, kips up, and delivers a drop kick right to the face of Strajk. Strajk quickly makes his way up as Quick bounces off the ropes. Quick nails Strajk with a spear.

Quick slowly makes his way up, and looks at the prone Strajk. He makes his way to the top ever so slowly. When he reaches the top he looks around at the fans. He jumps..

..and nails the ATOMIC FROG SPLASH!!

It looks as if the move took a lot out of Quick as he can’t make it over for the pin. He slowly crawls over.. Inch after inch. He finally throws his arm over Strajk.






2 ...





No Strajk barely manages to kick out. Quick sits up with a look of shock on his face. He picks up Strajk and signals to the crowd that it’s over. But he turns around right into THE ATTITUDE ADJUSTER. Quick is rocked and falls to the ground. Strajk makes his way to his corner and tags in NFM. NFM comes in like a house of fire. He nails Owens, and he falls off of the ring apron. He turns around to find Quick making it to his feet. As Quick turns around he’s met with a hand around his throat. NFM hit’s with a huge FINAL DESTINATION. He picks Quick up spins him into position…

THE LIGHTNING STRIKE!! He floats over into the covers






2 ...



Owens gets into the ring


Strajk gets into the ring, and cuts Owens off at the pass with a big shoulder block.



Dacia: Here are your winners and the NEW!! NWF World Tag Team Champions, NFM and “The Main Event” David Strajk!!

Mike: NEW tag champs!

RBK: It was a great run by Shell Shock, though.

Godfather: Definitely...a historic one. [/QUOTE]

[B]  We return once more to Blake [/B]

BLAKE:  Shortly after this, NFM declared his intention to complete his collection of NWF Titles, by challenging for the NWF TV Title!  It's holder at the time, a man NFM hadn't faced before, Cameron Jackson...

[B]  We shift yet again, and fade in to NWF Breakdown, April 24 2007: [/B]

We return from commercial with "Fear (The NFM Remix)" by Disturbed playing.

Dacia: Ladies and Gentleman, the following match is schedualed for one fall with no time limit, and is for the NWF WORLD TELEVISION TITLE!

NFM -vs.- Cameron "The Edge" Jackson

Dacia: Introducing first, weighing in at 245 pounds, he is an NWF HALL OF FAMER, and tonights challenger! N..... F...... M! "

NFM gets a resounding pop as he smirks and slides into the ring. "Killing in the Name Of" by Rage Against the Machine hits and Cameron Jackson appears on the ramp, TV title in one hand.

Dacia: AND his opponent, weighing in at 247, from Ontario, Canada, he is the NWF WORLD TELEVISION CHAMPION, Cameron, THE EDGE, JACKSON!

Jeers pour from the audience, and Jackson eats it up. He turns around, giving the crowd his back, but as he turns back toward the ring, he gets a suprise... NFM. The music dies as the NWF Hall of Famer dives at Jackson, nailing him with a flying lariat. Jackson goes down and NFM rains down the right hands. He picks the Champion up by his hair and wings him down the ramp, Jackson tumbling several times down the metal ramp before hitting the side of the ring with a thud. He uses the apron to get to his feet, but NFM is right there, nailing him with a superkick that knocks him a few feet off the ground and crumples him right back down to the mats. NFM picks him up again and whips him into the ring steps hard, Jackson hitting with a twang.

Mike: NFM showing Jackson who's boss here.

RBK: Well he IS a hall of famer, he can really have any title he wants, if he can't win physically, he's a master manipulator, he'll figure something else out.

Godfather: Doesn't really look like he's having much trouble with the physical part right now...

NFM finally tosses Jackson into the ring, rolling him in under the bottom rope. The bell is finally rung and the TV title graphic flashes across the screen. NFM goes for a cover, shooting the half nelson.



Jackson kicks out, but just barely.

NFM smacks the mat hard and eyes the ref, who backs up a few steps. NFM raises Jackson off the mat and whips him into the ropes and as he rebounds, NFM catches him, spins off his shoulder, hooks his head, and NAILS him with an Inverted DDT.

Mike: My GOD what the hell?! NFM can pull that kind of shit out of NO where!

RBK: Indeed.

Godfather: Playa got game, that's fo sho!

He goes for a cover again, but Jackson's leg was just breaking the bottom rope.

Mike: Unusual circumstance for NFM, if anything else, he's a ring general, you'd think he'd notice that.

NFM lifts Jackson up again and whips him into the ropes again. NFM goes for a clothesline, but this time Jackson ducks it, hooks the arm, and lands a Full Nelson Slam on the challenger.

Mike: And there's the champions first offensive move of the match.

RBK: And what a move.

NFM's down for a moment, but he's quick back up to his feet. He charges the just now standing Jackson, but is caught with a Spinebuster, dropping the challenger. Jackson lies on top for a pin, but only gets a one count before NFM tosses him off and rolls to his side. Jackson, in desperation, slides into a baseball slide, nailing NFM in the kidneys. Jackson gets to his feet again, and shakes off the cobwebs. He stalks NFM and lifts him off the mat, dropping him with a body slam. He quickly runs back and leaps off the second rope, nailing NFM with a Lionsault. He springs right back up to his feet and leg drops NFM, hooking the leg in a pin a moment later.



Kickout by NFM!!!

Jackson, frustrated, lifts NFM off the mat, and whips him into the ropes. NFM comes flying back with a lariat again, but Jackson moves at the last second, lifting a knee into the challengers gut. NFM's lungs leak air drastically and he stands there, doubled over, trying to breath in. Jackson leans back against the left ropes and charges in for a clothesline of his own, but NFM collapses, on purpose to avoid the clothesline, and Jackson NAILS the ref hard witha forearm. Jackson stumbles forward, looking at the ref, who luckily stumbles back into the ropes instead of falling down. Jackson turns, and ducks another superkick from NFM... who also makes contact with the ref. The poor, small man goes tumbling through the ropes and smacks hard on the mats below, almost completely out. NFM looks at Jackson, knowing this makes no difference, and charges him, spearing him through the ropes, both men hitting the mats on the outside now. NFM ends up on the bottom, being landed on by Jackson. Sensing the small victory, Jackson hops up on the gaurdrailing, ready to jump off onto NFM. From NO where in the crowd, a kendo stick just appears and smacks Jackson in the middle of the spine. Stumbling off the railing, Jackson looks back, and just barely has a second to see the man in the generic black wrestling mask, before he's cracked in the middle of the forehead again.


RBK: Who IS this guy? This is the second time he's attacked Jackson during a match!

Godfather: I don't think is the same mystery man that stood over POz at GAME OVER, but who knows?

The masked man hops the gaurdrail and rolls Jackson into the ring, standing him up just as quickly. Several times he strikes, with martial arts precision, on different parts of Jacksons body, making welts wherever he hits. NFM rolls into the ring behind the man and just watches, knowing this is to his advantage. The masked man bounces off the ropes and sails forward, cracking Jackson in the top of the head again, opening up a huge cut. Jackson crumbles to the mat, bleeding, almost out totally now. NFM smirks, and advances a step, but just as quickly as ever, the masked man turns, and CRACKS NFM right in the head with the stick again. NFM didn't even see it coming, and catches the stick right in the middle of the face. Clawing at his face, he doesn't see the second shot coming, and it catches him where the neck meets the spine. He falls, and lands right on top of Jackson.

Mike: Ouch...

We see a hand appear on the far side of the ring, and the masked man bails, dissapearing into the crowd again, stick and all. The crowd eats it up as the ref slowly rolls into the ring, seeing the circumstance, he does his job.










He waves his hands, ending the match, as Jackson and NFM both just lie there. NFM is the first to move, hearing his music he rolls over, shaking his head, obviously annoyed he won the way he did.


The music blares as the belt is handed to NFM, who just shrugs and holds the belt aloft, the crowd losing it at this point.

Mike: Well... apples or oranges, NFM did it, he won the only title in the NWF he's never won.

RBK: Mike.... why are you talking about produce?

Godfather: HA! [/QUOTE]

[B]  We move back once more to Blake sat on his stool in the studio [/B]

BLAKE:  And so NFM had now worn every belt the NWF had to offer.  But his former tag team partner, David Strajk, viciously turned of NFM, and before long the two were head to head in what has to be one the most thrilling, chilling, and downright dangerous matches the NWF, indeed the world of professional wrestling, has ever seen!  The place – Summershock 2007!  The match – an unsanctioned Death Match, where one man could very possibly lose more than ever before – his life...

[B]  We switch once more, and fade from black to NWF Summershock, August 16th 2007: [/B]

[QUOTE]  MM: Ladies and Gentlemen. It is time. We go now to the ring for the most unsanctioned match in the history of the NWF.

RBK: I still can't believe that this is happening.

Bruce Buffer: Ladies and Gentlemen, it is now time for the Main Event of the evening. This is an unsanctioned match that has been agreed to by both parties. Introducing first, hailing from Bettendorf, Iowa, Strajk!!

I AM THE GAME!! the words come loudly across the soundsystem at the Superdome. And then the first notes hit as Speak by Godsmack erupts. Walking out from the gorilla position, the resounding boos, and jeers, hits Strajk like a wall. The hatred emanates from the gathered NWF fans pours over him like a gust of wind. Strajk isn't geared up in his usually gear. Bare chested, he is clad only in semi-loose fitting jeans and combat boots. In his left hand he carries an object that is covered in black cloth, just over 3 ft in length. He smirks to himself, not giving a damn about what they think of him now, he walks down to the ring slowly, menacingly.

MM: Are these Strajk's true colors? Have we come to now know the man who truly lies behind the mask of the self-proclaimed Main Event?

RBK: I don't know, Mike. All we know is that tonight will mark an event that nobody will soon forget, that's for sure.

Bruce Buffer: And now, introducing the King of Castle No Fear-

Bruce pauses for effect as the fans start cheering loudly.

BB: He is the Man that Fear himself Fears- He is- N-F-M!!!

Fear (NFM Remix) by Disturbed hits the arena. The gathered fans erupt cheering. The very foundation of the shaking. NFM walks out from the gorilla position, and they get even louder. Wearing his traditional BGH and trenchcoat, he stands on the stage momentarily. He raises his arms from his side slowly, absorbing the fans adoration. He pauses for a moment as he looks down the ramp at his former friend. Pulling Molotoch from the sheath at his back, he points the blade at Strajk. Whipping his hat off, and then trench coat, he charges down the ramp Molotoch in hand.

Strajk quickly uncovers the long object, revealing a blade of his own. A Katana! Not any Katana, but a Murasame series. Strajk unsheaths the blade as NFM slides into the ring.

NFM charges at Strajk and they begin a series of lunges, thrusts, strikes, each blocked be one another. A flurry of sparks fly as the steel blades come in contact with one another. NFM goes for an overhead strike, to split the other man in twain, Strajk deftly blocks the strike with his blade, supporting it with his left hand. Strajk's foot slides out, catching NFM unaware, causing the larger man to fall. Strajk flips the katana blade, catching the hilt of Molotoch, ripping it from NFM's grasp. The blade flies to ringside.

Wanting to kill NFM with his bare hands, Strajk throws his blade to ringside as well, and mounts NFM. He grabs his hair with his left, and rains down fists with his right. NFM dazed only for a moment, growls loudly. He blocks Strajk's next punch, and retaliates with one of his own. Strajk, stunned, rolls off of NFM. NFM quick to his feet, picks Strajk up. A high knee lift into Strajk's, gut, NFM shortarm clotheslines Strajk hard. Strajk flips, landing hard on his back. Holding his lower back, NFM runs at him, and lands a hard knee into Strajk's lower back. Strajk collapses. Taking a page from Bret Hart, NFM, quickly moves in an applies the sharpshooter. Strajk screams in agony, trying to get to the ropes, which is pointless, as this isn't a sanctioned match, thus pointless.

NFM releases the Sharpshooter, as Strajk writhes in pain. NFM picks Strajk up, and drops him with a sit-out powerbomb. Screaming in agony, Strajk rolls to his stomach trying to not put too much pressure on his back. Out of no where, NFM leaps from the top rope landing knee-first onto Strajk's already destroyed back.

Strajk's face visibly goes white as the pain registers. NFM grinning sadistically, rolls Strajk out of the ring. Following him out, he picks Strajk up, and whips him towards the ringpost. Strajk, having a moment of clarity, realizes what was coming, and reverses it, sending NFM into the ringpost head first. Strajk falling to the ground as he whipped NFM into the ringpost, reaches beneath the ring, pulling out a steel chair. NFM slowly rises to his feet, as he turns around Strajk throws the chair at him, NFM catches it, and Strajk hits him with a Van Daminator!

Strajk, getting a burst of energy, rolls to his feet, and unfolds the chair. He picks up NFM, and drops him throat first onto the edge of the back of the chair. NFM clutches his throat, coughing, trying to breath. Strajk whispers something to NFM. NFM's face goes white, his eyes becoming a little unfocused. Then something snaps inside of him. His pupils become like pinpoints, his face stern, cold, like stone.

He launches a hard right into Strajk's gutting. The mocking look on Strajk's face gone, instantly. NFM gets to his feet, and kicks Strajk hard in the groin. Strajk forgetting to breathe for a moment, collapses to his knee. NFM kicks Strajk brutally square in the face with his heel. Blood sprays everywhere, as Strajk's nose gets crushed under NFM's heel. NFM, picks up Strajk, and whips him over the barrier.

The two superstars battle through the crowd. Making their way up the stairs. Strajk gets in a few good shots, but NFM is dominating at this point. Each hard shot Strajk lands, he gets leveled by an even harder shot by his adversary. Soon making it to one of the overhanging balconies, NFM picks up Strajk, preparing for the Lightning Strike through one of the awaiting tables below.

Strajk somehow realizing what doom was waiting him, wiggles free, and backbody drops NFM to the awaiting table below. A resound crash, as NFM's fall is barely broken by the folding table. Strajk, trying to catch his breath, looks down at NFM's unconscious body. Weakly smirking to himself, he climbs up on the railing. Launching himself from the balcony Strajk hits NFM with a Five-Star-Frog-Splash. Clutching his chest, Strajk slowly rolls to his and grabs a nearby steel chair.

He opens the chair slightly, just enough for NFM's face, to be wedged in it. Strajk weakly climbs back up to the balcony, and climbs back up on the railing. He shouts down to NFM:

Strajk: Too bad your wife ain't here to see this, NFM! You've failed!

Just like all the horrible villains in the James Bond movies. Strajk's moment of stupidity, stopping to mock NFM, instead of finishing the job. This pause, gave NFM just enough time. Strajk leaps off of the balcony, as he is in the air, NFM, slips free of the chair, and somehow, is able to pick the chair up, and smash it into Strajk's awaiting face, all before Strajk hits the cold, hard concrete.

NFM drags Strajk's broken body back to the ring. Rolling him into the ring, He picks him up, and whips him into the ropes. Bouncing back, Strajk ducks the big-boot, bounces off of the rope, and hits NFM with the Attitude Adjuster. NFM hits the mat hard, clutching his broken nose.

Both of the men, blood flowing freely from their faces, stare intently at each other, as if the first one to break, would be the loser of this battle of wills. NFM rolls out of the ring, and grabs a back of tacks and broken glass from beneath the ring. Meanwhile, Strajk rolls out and grabs himself another steel chair.

As NFM rolls back into the ring, the back of his skull becomes a target and Strajk smashes the chair into it. NFM's bag falls, unopened. Strajk drives the edge of the chair, hard into the NFM's armpit. Causing his left arm to temporarily go numb.

Strajk flips NFM over, and smashes the chair a few more times into NFM's face, just for good measure.

He then reaches into NFM's bag, and takes out a handful of tacks, and broken glass. He sprinkles it on NFM's face, and laughs sadistically and pours the rest down onto the face of NFM. Strajk then slams the edge of the chair into the NFM's groin. NFM, shouting in pain, remains in the fetal position. Strajk then lifts the chair high above his head, and smashes the chair once again, into NFM's face. This time with the tacks and glass still being there. The tacks and glass tear into NFM's face. The blood is now flowing freely, like a river.

Strajk, broken, and weary. Slowly lifts NFM up, He puts him in a reverse  headlock, and signals for The Impakt. Somehow, NFM wiggles loose. He elbows Strajk hard in the lowerback, and then lifts him for the Lightning Strike, and he HITS IT!! Right onto the broken glass and tacks. Strajk's body collapses onto the assortment of sharpness. NFM rolls out of the ring and picks up Molotoch. He grips it solidly, as he stares intently at the hilt. He grins sadistically at Strajk's broken body in the ring.

MM: He is not-

RBK: This has been one brutal match, by two of NWFs Superstars. Two men that were once friends!

MM: It has, but is he- oh dear gawd!

RBK: This isn't going to end well for one of them

NFM rolls back into the ring and looks down at Strajk who is barely conscious. He points down at Strajk's neck with the tip of Molotoch lining up properly. Strajk's eyes are open but he is too sore to move, he doesn't really see what's going on around him. NFM looks out at the fans with the point of Molotoch still on Strajk's neck. NFM sees the stunned silence in the fans faces. He looks down once more at Strajk, his old friend, his old nemesis.

RBK: He won't do it!

NFM lifts the blade high above his head

NFM: This ends NOW!

NFM swings downwards in one quick thrust, everything seems to slow down

MM: Holy-

RBK: Wait!

The blade comes down just above Strajk's head missing by a hair. NFM looks down at Strajk once more with a look of sadness. He shakes his head, No...he then drops the handle of Molotoch to the mat.

NFM looks out at the fans all of which are cheering through the roof. Each one of them approving of their hero having a heart and mercy upon his enemy. NFM's wife, Jackie comes running down the ramp smiling with her arms wide open. NFM turns and looks at her with a smile.

Suddenly, NFM's smile stops, his eyes widen and the fans all stop cheering. Absolute silence is all that comes through the arena. NFM looks downwards and the camera pans back a little bit, sticking through NFM's stomach is the end of his own sword, Molotoch. Behind NFM is Strajk holding the handle into NFM's back. Tears fill up in Jackie's eyes as she rushes into the ring to grab NFM as he falls to his knees. Strajk suddenly snaps to seeing what he's done, realizing how much he just affected more lives than he could have imagine. Blood begins pouring from the open wound on NFM's stomach - he looks at Jackie with a smile.

NFM: This isn't the end - it's only the b..

NFM falls forward and dies in his wife's arms

Strajk stands in the ring looking over at NFM's body and his grieving wife, tears begin to roll down Strajk's face

Strajk: What-what..have..have I done?

Strajk exits the ring and walks to the back in complete silence. The camera pans to Mike Masters and RBK the announce table, both of them are almost speechless.

MM: He lived by the sword...

RBK: He died by the sword...

Camera cut out [/QUOTE]

[B]  We return to a sombre Blake James in the studio [/B]

BLAKE:  And so, under suck tragic circumstances, the career, and the life, of the great No Fear Man seemingly came to an end in the ring.  But then, just a few short months later, during the final of the 2007 Master Of The Mat Tournament, we were all in for one HELL of a surprise...

[B]  The feed switches again, to NWF Exposure, October 21st 2007: [/B]

[QUOTE]  As we cut back to ringside, both Cameron Jackson and Syco are already in the ring as the bell rings three times.

Dacia: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is the Master of the Mat Finals, and it is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, to my left, from Brantford, Ontario, Canada, Cameron "The Edge" Jackson!!!

The crowd boos loudly.

Dacia: And his opponent from Atlanta, Georgia, Syco!!!

The crowd has the opposite reaction for Syco.

Mike: This is a highly-anticipated match, and we obviously hear who the crowd wants to win this thing.

Master of the Mat Finals:
Cameron Jackson -vs.- Syco

The bell rings as both men square off in the center of the ring. Syco and Jackson tie up. Jackson throws Syco away from him. Syco hits the mat and rolls right back to his feet. They tie up again, with Jackson throwing Syco back towards the corner. Syco gets up and comes back in. They tie up again, this time with Syco getting the upper hand with an arm wrench. Jackson steps through and locks in a hammer lock. Syco throws a couple of back back elbows to get Jackson to break the hold. Syco jumps and hits Jackson in the back of the head with the Pele kick. Jackson staggers. Syco is up and bounces off the ropes, catching Jackson with a running bulldog. Jackson hits the mat hard and rolls out of the ring.



Syco charges the ropes and does a tope con hilo over the top rope, landing on Jackson. Both men fall to the concrete. Syco is up first and is putting the boots to Jackson on the outside of the ring. The ref restarts his count because of Syco leaving the ring.:]




Syco grabs Jackson by the head and picks him up. Syco whips Jackson down the asile into the gaurd railing. Syco charges towards the Jackson for a clothesline. Jackson ducks and launches Syco over the railing towards a bank on chairs. Syco lands on his feet. Syco jumps up on the railing to use it as a spring board. Jackson catches Syco with an upper cut that sends him flying backwards into the open folding chairs.





Jackson rolls back into the ring and than back out to break up the count. Jackson walks back towards the gaurd railing. Syco is getting up and walks towards the gaurd railing. Syco catches Jackson with a stiff right hand to the jaw. Jackson staggers backwards. Syco jumps up on the gaurd railing and catches Jackson with a hurricanrana, bringing him down on the concrete floor.




At this point, the fans are drawn to someone walking onto the stage with security personnel draped beside him. The guy is a dark figure, who cannot be totally seen. He is wearing a trench coat and a cowboy-type hat.

RBK: What the fuck? That looks like NFM.

The figure walks back through the curtain. Back in the ring, Syco picks up Jackson by the head and prepares to whip him into the gaurd railing again. Jackson stops the whip and punches Syco in the jaw. Syco staggers away and falls to one knee. Jackson rolls back into the ring and breaks up the count. Jackson goes back to Syco and grabs him by the head. Jackson starts to repeatedly smash his skull into Syco's as they progress around the ring. When they get back to where they started, Syco falls to the floor and Jackson shakes his head. Blood is starting to run down Jackson's face, after splitting himself open with the headbutts.





Jackson grabs Syco and rolls him into the ring so his head is hanging out on the apron. Jackson climbs up on the apron and the fans start to cheer. Jackson shakes his head and climbs up on the turnbuckles. Jackson jumps off the turnbuckle and lands square on Syco, hitting him with a guilotine leg drop on the apron. Syco rolls into the ring gasping for air. Jackson rolls back into the ring and stands up. He picks Syco up quickly and shoots him into the ropes. Syco ducks under a clothesline and uses the ropes to springboard backwards and hits Jackson with a missle dropkick. Syco goes for a pin.



Jackson kicks out of the pinning attempt. Syco starts to argue with the ref. Jackson sits up and gets to his feet. Syco attempts to throw a punch. Jackson ducks it and hooks him for a T-bone suplex. Jackson lifts Syco up and swings him into a backbreaker from the T-bone. Jackson goes for the cover.




Winner of the match and 2007 Master of the Mat...Cameron "The Edge" Jackson!!!

"At The End of August" hits again, and the crowd boos as POz makes his way to the ring with a briefcase.

POz: Congratulations, Cameron. You are the Master of the Mat. With that, you have won $100,000.

At this point, Syco is starting to get up and starts to head up the ramp. "NFM" makes his way back to the stage. We still can't see the face. Syco starts to walk up to the figure, and D-Will walks behind said figure. Syco pulls the cowboy hat off the figure, revealing David Strajk.

D-Will: Is this some sort of sick joke?

Strajk: I can...

D-Will: He's dead you dumb fuck, you killed him.

Strajk: I know....

D-Will: Why would you do something like this? Get these people's hopes up only to be crushed!

Strajk: It's my fault, I killed him, I took away one of the Legends....I wanted to bring him back for the fans. I wanted them to have some hope in a hero.

D-Will: There are plenty of heroes in the NWF they can have hope in if they pathetically need that.

Strajk: I know, but NFM was different, he died showing these people that he cared.

The lights flicker on and off again.

D-Will: Still playing games with everyone's minds?

Strajk (confused): That....that wasn't me.

Blood falls in drops from the ceiling of the arena landing on Strajk. He really begins to freak out....Syco grins.

D-Will: What the fuck is goin' on?

The lights go out, and a scuffle is heard...

Lightning strikes the ringposts...

The lights come up and Strajk is missing.

D-Will: Oh no, he's not gettin' away that easy!

Voice: You're damn right....

The camera pans up to see NFM holding Strajk by the throat. He lifts him up and chokeslams him off the top of the NWFTron to the rampway right in front of Syco......The lights go out again.


The lights come back up and NFM stands next to Strajk's broken yet still breathing body. NFM stares Syco in the eyes and grins.....Syco grins right back. We cut to the announcers.

Mike: My Gosh! NFM has returned!

RBK: What in the hell?

Godfather: (pale) This is some freaky shit. How can you white boys be calm? [/QUOTE]

[B]  The scene fades out, then fades back in to the darkened room with the single chair, which is this time occupied by another former World Champion, Damon, who is grinning at the camera [/B]

DAMON:  My thoughts on NFM? Well I dunno man, the guy is the best in the business what can I say? The dude DIED on LIVE television, he DIED... and returned... you don't GET any better than that. He's done it all in this business, from winning the World Title god knows how many times, to resurecting, to shutting Corey Gein the hell up, and that might just have been the greatest favor he ever gave the NWF. I remember when I was still just a tag along with my brother down in XUDF territory and seeing NFM up in the XUW and knowing that was the level I wanted to compete at. I even know for a fact that Demond asked for a match with him at least once, trying to prove his worth before becoming a huge name here in the NWF. I've only been in the ring with him once and it wasn't for a title, it wasn't to settle a score, it wasn't over a women. Matter of fact I think it was just one of those spur of the moment type matches that people just wanted to see. I don't think I've ever performed better in my life. He brought out the best in me, and I'd like to think I gave him a hell of a match. I remember distinctly that match being just a few weeks before I took the big W and won the World Title. I think that probably prepared me to perform on the level it took for me to win that title.
Long story short, what else can you say about NFM other than... the dude is scary. He's the man in this company, and now here I am working for him. Not a bad boss to be honest, but I'll tell you the utter truth... he ever gets back in the ring and I would kill a man to be on the list of people in the ring with him again. No pun intended...

[B]  We fade out from Damon, and return once more to a beaming Blake James [/B]

BLAKE:  So NFM came back from the dead, to exact his revenge on David Strajk.  Over the next few months, NFM allied himself first with former adversary Syco, and then later with members of Damon's faction Counter Culture, but his strangest team-up came in Spring 2008, when the new Tag Team Turmoil Tournament saw him matched up with the NWF's very own eco-warrior, Wildlife!  And as this next match shows, the two seemed to have a deal of chemistry in the ring...

[B]  The scene shifts another time, to NWF Warpath, March 6th 2008 [/B]


Wildlife and NFM are caught walking around backstage, picking up a bottle here and there, NFM with a disgruntled look on his face.

WL: Hey, you can be upset all you want, but if you want me to even compete in this match, you have to help recycle.

NFM: Listen, I’m sorry we couldn’t harness Slim’s ego… but at least we’re doing the next best thing, right?

WL: Yeah, this first of the three R’s. Reducing. We are going to reduce Slims Ego tonight! Kick it down a couple notches!

NFM: Kick it down his damn throat is more like it!

WL: Hey, as long as it helps the environment, I’m all for it. Plus, I’ll have yet another chance defeat Ramon, not like I’d pass it up.

NFM: Plus, after both of our PPV losses…

WL: Yeah, but in all fairness, I’d like to point out one thing. Hey Adman… you may have won at the PPV, but who got the last laugh? And I want you to look at who is higher up on the card. Who is the real victor?

NFM: That’s in the past man, we can catch him later in tourney. What matter now, is that we’re advancing to Round 2... once we get Slim and Ramon out of the way that is.

NFM heads off to his locker room; Wildlife just scoffs and continues to pick up bottles that are strewn about.

Mike: We'll have that very match when we come back!

We cut to a commercial break.

"Your Own Personal Jesus" by Marilyn Manson hits the P.A. System, as Ray Ramon walk out from the curtain, while the fans boo him. He stands there and waits, while flipping the fans off.

Dacia: This match is down for one fall and it is the first round of the Tag Team Rumble tournament! Standing at the entrance way, weighing in at 267 lbs and hailing from St. Louis, Missiouri... Ray Ramon!!

RBK: Ah, Ray Ramon... my main man! Teaming up with Slim, I know they are going to win.

Mike: Did you call Ramon your man? And you say I'm secretly gay.

RBK: Hey, I didn't mean it like that.

Godfather: Ooh, burn!

After waiting a few moments, Ray's theme cuts and it is replaced by "Til I Collapse" by Eminem and the fans continue their negitive thoughts, as Slim walk out. Slim sees Ramon, and both men continue down the ramp.

Dacia: And his partner... weighing in at 260 lbs... from Hollywood, California... Slim!!

The boos from the audience are still heard, as Slim and Ray Ramon enter the ring and wait in their cornor.

Mike: Ray recently turned on his father and calimed that he didn't need him anymore. Think his pops will show and cost him the match?

RBK: Doubt it. I even doubt he can pee without blood being in it.

Mike: Now you are talking about what's coming out of Ray's father... Now we know you're gay!

RBK: Gawd!! I so hate you, right now!

Godfather: Super Burn!

RBK: Shut up Godfather!

"Til I Collapse" fades, as "Forse of Nature" by Oasis plays, Wildlife enters and is welcomed by a posistive response from the fans. He walks down the ramp and stops, as Slim and Ramon walk to the other side of the ring and try to keep Wildlife from entering.

Dacia: and weighing in at 235 lbs... and from the depths of South America... Wildlife!!

RBK: Oh, great! It's the freaking tree hugger!

Mike: I bet you wish you were the tree, huh?

Godfather: Mega burn!

RBK: I so hope you both die of AIDS.

The fans cheer Wildlife on, as he waits outside, while his opponents taunt him. The sounds of Oasis die out, as "Fear" (NFM Re-Mix) by Disturbed plays, and a hug pop from the crowd is heard.

Daica: And his partner... NFM! No Fear Man!!

The arena lights go out and purple clouds roll over the N-Tron.

"Are You Scared???"

"He's Here!"

Pyro explodes on the entrance ramp and NFM steps out as Disturbed screams out "Fear Something Again". "Fear" by Disturbed continues to play as NFM takes his sword, Molotoch, out from under his trenchcoat and raises it to the ceiling. Lightning Bolts strike the ring posts and the fans explode in cheers as he begins to make his way to the ring. Slim and Ramon become a bit startled by the thunder bolt, and NFM reaches Wildlife and they both enter the ring. NFM hands a worker from outside of the ring his sword, trentcoat, and katana. NFM pulls back behind the ropes, giving Wildlife the oppertunity to fight first, as Slim is chosen to fight for his team. "Fear" cuts, as the bell sounds three times to start the match.

Godfather: Only one thing I hate about NFM... every time his intro comes on and the lights go out, I think I am at home and I forgot to pay the light bill.

RBK: Happen alot?

Slim and Wildlife circle each other, before locking up. Slim takes over by raking Wildlife's face, as Wildlife covers his eyes, and then Slim grab him and lifts him up in the air. Wildlife flips over from Slim's atempted Suplex and hits him with a Reverse Spinning DDT.

Mike: The Deforestator!!

RBK: Why don't you defroest me, Mike?

Mike: Sorry, your boyfriend told me he did it for you earlier. Wasn't it Logan?

RBK: You have to be kidding me, another gay joke and a rib at our former World Champ? I'd say something right now, but your on today.

Wildlife covers, but Slim kicks out before a one count even happens.

RBK: What a fool.

Godfather: Good move,but bad timing for a pin, though.

Wildlife grabs Slim by the head, and begins to pick him up. When the stand, Wlidlife tries to shoot Slim off to the ropes, but it is reversed. Slim circles him with a loop into a Spinebuster and fuses the move with a Sharpshooter.

RBK: Does my boy make a nice combo or what?

Godfather: Hey! Don't call me your boy! Do I look like a boy to you?!

RBK: I was talking about Slim's combo!

Godfather: Oh! I thought you wanted some of my Combos, Pizza flavored...

The referee watches to see if Wildlife wants to give up, but he doesn't and he reaches over and grabs the lowest rope near him.

Mike: Wildlife grabbed the bottom rope!

RBK: He got lucky.

Slim is told by the ref. that he has to release the lock, but Slim refuses and the referee begins to count.

Mike: That's uncalled for! Let go of the rope.

RBK: He will, but just before the five count hits.





RBK: See?

Mike: I hate you are all of those dirty ethics you and guys like Slim use to get by with.

Slim releases the lock, as NFM tries to enterr the ring, but the ref. stops him and Ramon enters the ring. Slim and Ray begins to double team Wildlife, as the ref. has his back turned and is dealing with NFM. The two pick up Wildlife and shoot him off to the ropes. Wildlife rebounds, Slim and Wildlife through a double clothesline, but he ducks the move.

Mike: That isn't fair! Illegalized double teaming! Ref! Hey! Turn around!

RBK: Heh, I love it when this shit happens. Kill the hippie!

Wildlife rebounds off the other set of ropes and comes back with a Running Calf Kick on Ray Ramon. Ramon falls, as the ref. turns around, as Slim goes for another clothesline and nails it on Wildlife. The referee walks over to Ramon, helps him up, and tells him to leave the ring. Slim picks up Wildlife, puts his head under his between his arm and upeer midsection, and yells to the crowd "Slim Down", as they boo him.

Mike: He's going for the Slim Down

Godfather: Ronin, isn't that the technique you seduce animals with, when the men aren't biting?

RBK: Man.. Fuck all of yall.

Slim drops, but drops alone, as Wildlife grabbed the mild rope and stopped himself from hitting the mat. He makes a short rebound off the ropes, and catches Slim in the face with a Shinning Wizard. Wildlife goes for a cover and the ref. counts.

Mike: NIce Shining Wizard!

RBK: Check the Hippie! He's all greased up!

Mike: Slim can cheat, but just because the other can break away from being beat they are all oiled up?

RBK: Yes.






Godfather: Well, he almost had it.

Slim kicks out, as Wildlife is a bit surprised. He picks Slim up and shoots him off to the ropes, as he rebounds from his own. Slim rebounds from his side, and they both colide with a set of clotheslines. Both men hit the ground, as they struggle to the each other's side, while the ref. begins counting.

Mike: Ouch! I hope both men can bring in the fresh talent, because I don't to see both teams eliminated from the tournament.

RBK: They'd just get rid of NFM and the hippie, because they suck.

Mike: Ronin, there's no logic in your favoritism.








8... Slim tags in Ramon, as Wildlife tags in NFM.

Mike: Both fresh team mates have been tagged in!

Godfather: This'll be interesting.

RBK: Go Ray!

Both fresh men dash and meet each other in the center of the ring. Ramon swings with a right, but NFM ducks and plants him with an STO. The crowd pops, as No Fear Man is the only man standing in the ring.

Mike: That's gotta hurt.

RBK: NFM just got lucky. That's all.

NFM grabs Ray by the throat and lifts him to his feet, before sending him back to the mat with a thunderous Chokeslam. NFM signals for his finishing move, as Slim and Wildlife try make a stand.

Mike: Is NFM still getting lucky? Huh, cock sucker?

RBK: Shut up!

Godfather: Omega Burn!

NFM stalks his prey, as Ramon gets back to his feet, then he is turned around by NFM and is picked up by him. NFM turns Ray upside down, as the other two men stand tall. NFM drops Ray Ramon on his head, after jumping up in the air, as Slim and Wildlife dash to the cneter of the ring. Wildlife gets ther first, hops over NFM and ducks a clotheline coming from Slim and plants him with Running Sitout Uranagi. NFM covers Ramon, as the ref counts.

Mike: Lightneing Strike! Eco-Challenge!! This could be it!!








RBK: Great... I lost another freakin' bet.

Godfather: You always lose your bets, now pay up bitch.

The bell sounds three times, as "Fear" (NFM Re-Mix) by Disturbed plays, as NFM stands amnd both he and his partner, Wildlife, raise their hands in victory, while being cheered by the audience [/QUOTE]

[B] The scene fades to black, and is replaced with the following words:


[B]  The NWF logo flashes across the screen, then we fade in from black to a small, dark room, with a single chair in the centre.  As we watch, we see Slim walk into shot, and he takes a seat in the chair with the microphone attached to his white shirt [/B]

Slim: So you want to know what I think about NFM right. Well I'll tell you this. NFM is one extraordinary man. I've faced off against him a couple of times. I remember that match that was on display too. Me teaming up with Ray Ramon. I knew as soon as I saw that NFM was gonna be involved that it was going to be hell. I even remember the race we had to try to capture all the gold. We were both gunning for the TV title at the same time. He just happened to get the title match before me. And for that he shall always suck. I hate you NFM.

[B] Slim takes a moment to laugh a little [/B]

Slim: Nahh but seriously you know when he gets in that ring he is gonna give you everything that you can handle and then some. He always pushes you and he always extends your limits to new heights. Man alive I could go on about memories including the Gein incident. But this isn't a Slim/NFM set. This is all about the man that has no fear. Even looked death in the face and kicked it's ass and came back. NFM is the definition of a legend. Case closed.

[B] Slim gets up from the seat and leaves the set as the scene fades to black, and then fades back in to the now-familiar Best Of NWF studio, with a large screen on the back wall, and posters of various NWF superstars past and present adorning the other walls.  NWF Interviewer Blake James is once again sat on a stool below the screen[/B]

BLAKE: Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, to this look back at the best of NFM.  So NFM and Wildlife began to advance in the Tag Team Turmoil Tournament.  But before the tourney was over, NFM got kind of...sidetracked.  Y'see, by this time, the NWF World Heavyweight Champion was a man called Corey Gein.  A man that wasn't very popular, and was causing a lot of unrest amongst the locker-room.  So, when Slim refused a title shot against Gein at the end of March, the Hall of Famer NFM was ready to step up to the plate...

[B]  We cut this time to a feed from the NWF Promo Channel, 27th March 2008: [/B]

[QUOTE]  The Arena lights go out suddenly, the fans are a bit confused because this is completely unscheduled. The thunder rolls through the arena and the crowd blasts out a huge pop. Suddenly the lights come back up and NFM walks forward down the ramp absolute anger on his face. He rolls into the ring and looks out at the crowd he seem really confused. NFM grabs a microphone and begins to speak.

NFM: I was in the back talking to my old buddy Bo’Cru and saw Slim’s promo.

NFM grins a bit.

NFM: Slim man, I have to tell you. That was some good shii….shoot…..

NFM changes his wording slyly

NFM: You have your points Slim….and yes, you may have a HUGE ego here but….you are also correct when you say you deserve to have it. You have earned the respect of these fans, you’ve earned the respect of the boys in the back….most of all….you’ve earned my respect Slim.

NFM pauses a moment for the crowd’s pop

NFM: You said a few things about Gein. A few things that we’ve all seen and we all know. It’s gotten on all of our nerves, you have flared out about him as have others. Everyone knows how much I can’t stand shit talkers….and Gein….we’ll…he’s just shit talking.

NFM pauses so the fans can catch the irony of that last statement

NFM: I mentioned last week that I had a challenge for that sack of shit. Now that Slim has stepped back I’m going to lay that challenge out here and now.

NFM walks around the ring looking at the fans as they anticipate the challenge.

NFM: You see Corey….you talk your shit, and yea….so far you’ve backed up most of it. Problem is….you’re a thorn in the side of the NWF….and you need to be put into your place….and I’m just the man to put you there.

NFM looks into the camera.

NFM: Think I’m talking out of my ass? I challenge you to go to ANYONE in the NWF and ask them who the original flagship superstar of the NWF is. ANYONE…..they will all give you ONE name….No Fear Man. I back down to NO ONE….I give in to NO ONE….I answer to NO ONE!

The crowd pops

NFM: While you were basking in your own glory wherever you were years ago…..I was putting my life and limbs on the line for the NWF fans….giving them my everything, my all… it’s time for you to face your fears….

NFM grins

NFM: Here is my challenge….a well thought out plan….one that you cannot help but to accept….it’s simple really.

Slim stepped out of his shot with against you….just switch your opponent….you get to face me instead…but…there are a few stipulations…

You will face me at Warpath next week….your title WILL be on the line.

If I win….wait…..WHEN I beat you in the middle of this ring by making you TAP OUT….you will be STRIPPED of the World Title. I will not accept this title at this time…..that title will be vacant…and the winner of the Tag Team Rumble will be crowned the New NWF World Heavyweight Champion….you can then ask for your rematch.

However, if you manage to beat me in that ring by pin or submission I will not have another World Title Match for ONE YEAR.

NFM pauses as the fans jaws drop to the floor.

NFM: Give me your answer, then we’ll wait for D-Will’s answer. Corey….watch your back….because I AM the man you should fear….

NFM rolls out of the ring as the camera cuts out [/QUOTE]

[B]  The scene fades out, then fades back in to NWF Warpath, April 2nd 2008: [/B]

[QUOTE]  Mike: As you have seen, the Tag Team Rumble is shaping-up nicely. Up next, though, is our World Heavyweight Championship Match.

RBK: Corey Gein has stated he wants to bring weapons to the ring, so this should be quite the show. Got your popcorn, G-father?

Godfather: Hell, yeah, son.

The bell rings three times.

Dacia: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the NWF World Heavyweight Championship!

The crowd pops.

NFM -vs.- Corey Gein

Dacia: Introducing first, the challenger...from Castle No Fear in Puella...weighing 250 pounds...NWF Hall of Famer, NFM!!!

"Fear" (NFM Mix) by Disturbed hits the speakers, and the crowd pops as the man with no fear makes his way to the ring.

Dacia: And his opponent, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania...weighing 261 pounds...the NWF World Heavyweight Champion, "The UltraViolent Assassin" Corey Gein!!!

As "Funeral Hymn" by Exodus hits the speakers, the crowd boos as the NWF champ makes his way to the ring.

Corey steps into the ring and hands his belt to the ref and before the ref can even ring the bell both men waste no time and starting brawling with each other. Gein strikes with a high with a Leg Lariat.

Mike: The ref has finally called for the bell and we are well under way!

Gein throws some striking blows down on the back and neck of NFM and irish whips him into the ropes NFM responds with a shoulderblock take down, runs of the ropes himself to drop a leg drop, but Gein moves and runs off the ropes himself and attempts some running strike but NFM flapjacks him up in the air, which Gein actually counters into a high impact reverse DDT!

RBK: Great Exchange by both men.

Mike: Both men are showing their veteran experience and know how to counter and work in every opportunity that they have.

Gein continues to throw brutal kicks and punches to NFM until he lifts him up in a Torture Rack…

Mike: I think we are about to see The Shock Bomb!

Gein delivers the The Shock Bomb (Spinning Torture Rack, Flipped out into an Alabamaslam position than jumps and sits out while still spinning)…but NFM lands after the Alabamaslam position and turns the tables by having Gein in a powerbomb position and hits a tiger driver!

RBK: The former champ is going for the win.

The ref counts.


NFM stays on the attack and drags Gein to the corner, Gein quickly blocks this and turns NFM into the corner. He starts hitting him hard knife edge chops. NFM turns it again and slams Gein’s head into the turnbuckle and again and again and again. NFM sets up in the opposite corner, runs and hits a clothesline to the prone champ in the corner. NFM goes back again, much to the delight of the crowd he charges and Gein rolls out and counters back with a T-Bone Suplex. Gein looks to the outside of the ring and starts to move out of the ring…

Mike: Looks like the champ has something in mind.

RBK: He did say that he was going to bring some extra ammunition to the fight.

Mike: Wait! Gein’s down!

Back in the ring, NFM has grabbed Gein’s leg before he can get out of the ring and has him in an anklelock like move, once he has Gein’s body closer to the center of the ring and then locks in an STF!

Gein frantically tries to inch his way to the ropes.

Mike: The championship is on the line here, Gein needs to get to the ropes!

Gein inches closer and closers, but NFM is determined and is putting all his weight on the champ so he can’t get to the ropes. Gein is fighting it off.

RBK: I don’t know how much more of this pain he can take…

Gein starts to fade a bit, the ref gets the arm….

The arm drops: 1!
The arm drops again: 2!
The arm….grabs the ropes and Gein uses the leverage to make NFM fly between the ropes and out of the ring.

NFM pulls himself up on the barricade. Back in the ring, get comes through the ropes and waits on the apron with his back to NFM. NFM turns and Gein goes for a springboard Moonsault.

Mike: NFM moved! Gein has just crashed right across the barrier!

The crowd groans as the champ lays on the barrier. NFM takes advantage of the moment and walks over to the barricade and hits a DDT while Gein is still laying on the barricade!

NFM throws Gein back into the ring and goes for the cover…


RBK: The champ is not going to lose it here, he’s not going to let his streak and his championship go.

NFM stays in control and sets Gein up for the suplex and looks to the crowd, while doing this Gein sneaks in Trachiatic spike (thumb in the trachea )!

Mike: What a move! NFM is hurting!

NFM lays on the mat holding his throat. Gein rolls out of the ring. He wastes no time and throws a chair into the ring. That’s not all he’s bringing. He looks under the ring and pulls out a lead pipe. He slides back into the ring.

RBK: Now Gein is taking his opening.

NFM is still holding his throat from the deadly spike. The Champ takes the pipe and starts to strike NFM with it. He blasts him a few times and then he sets him up in the corner. He drops the pipe and runs in for the attack. GOOZLE! NFM slaps on the a chokeslam and hits it!

Mike: Final Destination Chokeslam! (Chokeslam like Kane or Undertaker)

NFM is still hurting and Gein is down too. The ref keeps looking at both men and looks like he’s ready to make the ten count.

Tw….NFM is moving and makes the cover!


NO! Kickout!

Mike: Gein kicks out of that big time chokeslam. It may have been the little extra time he got after the move.

NFM and The Ultraviolent Assassin are back on their feet and start to trade blows again. NFM takes a punch to the neck and seems to loose his air again and goes to one knee. Corey takes the chair and pants it over the head of the NFM. He goes for another but NFM ducks and moves, but Gein hits him again, Gein goes for one more and NFM completely moves but eats a kick the neck from Gein and Gein finally puts him in the powerbomb position and then up for a razor’s edge…

Mike: Dream Killer!!!!
(Razor's Edge into a spike pile driver)

RBK: There goes NFM’s chances, his Dreams of winning the NWF championship have been Killed!

Mike: ….really Ronin? That’s the best you could do?

RBK: Shut up Mike, the cover is coming!

3!.....NO! Foot on the ropes!!!

Mike: Somehow NFM kicked out!

Both men are up, NFM hits an STO on the champ and then follows it up with a side slam with authority. Gein is recovering on the mat as NFM gets up and looks across the ring at something.

Mike: NFM is showing a lot of tenacity here. What’s he looking at?

RBK: I think he’s eyeing up that lead pipe. He’s not going to use it is he? He’s said he was going to try and beat Gein with his own wrestling ability.

NFM walks over to the lead pipe and looks at it. He picks up and the crowd cheers. NFM holds it for a bit and them finally……throws it out of the ring! While all of this is going on Gein is waiting behind NFM to deliver a move as soon as he turns around and NFM has no idea….

Mike: NFM look out! The Shadow of Deth
(A F-5 converted into a brainbuster)!!!

RBK: No!! Counter……"The Lightning Strike" (Jumping Tombstone Piledriver)!!!

NFM hits his signature move. He rolls over and hooks the leg of the champion!


NO!!!!!! Kickout!!

RBK What?! Somehow, some way Gein just kicked out of the Lighting Strike!

NFM looks a little taken back but isn’t letting it bother him.

RBK: I hate to say it, but maybe NFM should have and still should just use some weapons to try and even the score, nothing else is keeping the champ down!

NFM is poised and ready for Gein. Gein is up and NFM has in the Chokeslam, Gein slides behind NFM’s back on the lift up and gets NFM in a T-Bone suplex position, but NFM elbows him in the head to get out, NFM comes back with a bulldog, that slides right off Gein as Gein pushes NFM away from him and he has the pipe again and hits NFM right in the head with it. NFM is down.

Mike: Corey Gein is back with that damn pipe.

RBK: Hey, sometimes it might not seem like the best way, but damn it, you need to do whatever you can to retain the championship you busted your ass to win in the first place Mike.

Gein grabs NFM by the hair as NFM is sitting down in the ring, dazed and busted wide open. Gein takes the pipe in his hand and signals to the crowd for the spike again.

Mike: It looks like he’s going do that spike again, but with the lead pipe!

Gein winds up and hits….NO….NFM grabs the arm of Gein before it can strike him, he holds on and gets to his feet and looks like he’s furious and steaming. He starts to shake and strikes with and knee, and another big knee and another big knee!

Mike: He’s making the comeback!

NFM hits a bulldog on the champ, scoop slam and then finishes him of with a looooooong stalling suplex. NFM calls for the finish! He’s ready to finish the match, but Gein has other ideas as he low blows NFM and drop toe holds him face first into the turnbuckle. Gein lifts NFM on the top and drops him so he’s in the tree of woe. He grabs the chair and runs and hits a running dropkick with the chair(ala RVD) into the face of NFM. He isn’t finished. He climbs to the top rope himself with pipe in hand. He grabs NFM and chokes him with the pipe while he’s standing on the top rope and then he lifts up NFM, basically hanging him and choking him out with the pipe!

Mike: My God, he’s going to choke him out, it’s like a hangman move!

NFM kicks around and tries to somehow get out by Gein is relentless! Gein is pulling hard and NFM tries to get atleast his foot on the ropes but he can’t. It’s a big time struggle….but he finally starts to fade and quick!

Mike: Come on, NFM. Fight it.

RBK: This looks like the last breath, he tried all he had with his own skill alone…

Back in the ring, NFM’s body is going limp, passing out from lack off air and that huge amount of blood loss…The ref has no choice but try to drop the arm and see if there is anything left or to end it….

Arm is up…

…..and it drops…..1!

NFM’s body is limp and his feet and now resting on the second rope…

Arm is down: 2!

There isn’t any movement…

Arm is up…

….NFM’s legs look to have feeling but not enough….


"The Lightning Strike" from top rope!!!

Mike: Holy shit!

RBK: What?! How did he do that?

Both men are rolling around. NFM is going for the pin, he’s just trying to get his air and composure back, Gein is holding his neck in great pain, is gasping for air and looks frantic from the choke, he walks right over and with tenacity and a great display of strength pulls and whips Gein right to his feet from a laying down position in the mat like a ragdoll and puts him in he tombstone position again…..

Mike: "The Lightning Strike" (Jumping Tombstone Piledriver) again for good measure!!! He’s going for the pin!

Ref is counting…


Dacia: Here is your winner and the NEW NWF CHAMPION No Fear Man!!!

The crowd erupts as NFM is victorious and ends the dominating regin of Corey Gein

Mike: He did it! He said he was going to come into this match and only use his own skill and his wrestling ability to win the match and he did just that. The NWF Hall of Famer is once again, the NWF Champion and he did it his way! [/QUOTE]

[B]  The match fades out, then we fade back in to the small interview room, this time as Phoenix is walking into shot.  Phoenix walks up to the chair and takes a seat. She takes a moment as she attaches the mic to her tank top [/B]

Phoenix: I can say that NFM is one of a kind. He is one of those rarities that comes into a federation and you literally have no choice but to take notice of him. Because if you don't, he'll make sure that you take notice of him and how good he is. Despite the times that we have bumped heads against each other... NFM is a man you have to respect in that ring.

He will beat that respect into you if you don't have it. He will beat the respect into you for this business if you don't have it. That is one thing that I myself will always have for him. Respect. And maybe one day down the road... just maybe I'll face him one more time.

[B] Phoenix pulls off the microphone and leaves the set as the screen fades out, and we switch back to Blake again [/B]

BLAKE:  And so NFM became a 3-time NWF World Heavyweight Champion, a feat not many man have ever accomplished.  About a month later, NFM relinquished the title of his own volition, and shortly after that he disappeared from the NWF once more.  Of course, when he returned just a few short weeks ago, it was in an altogether new capacity....

[B]  We switch again, to NWF Warpath, March 4th 2009: [/B]

[QUOTE]  "On Top of the World" by T.I. ft. Ludacris hits the speakers, and the crowd pops as NWF Owner Danny Williams makes his way to the ring. He steps inside the ring and takes a microphone out of his inner jacket pocket for the second time tonight.

D-Will: As some of you may have noticed earlier I was just finished talking with Danny Dangerously about his new tag team when two men in suits entered my office with confidential paperwork.

D-Will holds up the papers to the crowd

D-Will: Now, I fully expected these to be mikey's contract. However, they are not his contract. In fact I haven't heard anything from mikey at all about his status in the NWF. So, you know what I'm sayin' when I tell you I was surprised to read these papers.

D-Will pauses a moment before he goes on to say anything.

D-Will: You see, these are my "walking papers".

The crowd lets out a confused "Huh?"

D-Will: Well, at least temporarily.

D-Will paces the ring

D-Will: We are coming up on five years for the NWF. It's been a long five years for me. I've barely been able to have any sort of life really. So when this "offer" came across my desk today I had to make a quick decision.

D-Will points at the papers again

D-Will: I signed them. I signed over temporary ownership of the NWF!

The crowd lets out a huge "HOLY SHIT"

D-Will: Call it a "Time Share" because that's how I'm lookin' at it. I'm taking a vacation and a new owner is coming in to fill my spot for a few months. I'll be back though playas, as this contract is only for an amount of time for me to recharge my batteries.

The crowd cheers for D-Will finally getting a rest

D-Will: So, y'all wann know who the new boss is?

The crowd shouts "Yes"

D-Will: Fine....ladies and gentlemen, the NEW Owner of the NWF!

The lights dim and a man walks out onto the ramp completely covered in a dark robe. Slowly the lights come up....and the man rips off the robe to reveal.....

Rick Astley!

"Never Gonna Give You Up" begins to play and Rick Astley starts singing his trademark song

Mike: What the fuck?

RBK: You're fucking kidding me. He handed the NWF over to Rick Astley?

Godfather: Yo' dis song is da shit yo!

Rick Astley continues singing...but suddenly the lights go out and his mic goes dead. A spotlight shines down on him as he's trying to get the mic to work.

Rick: Come damn

RBK: I think we've been Rick Roll'd!

Suddenly there is a hand tapping on Rick Astley's shoulder. Rick turns around and that hand goes around his throat.....the person is hidden in the darkness but his other hand reaches out and grabs the microphone which is now suddenly working. He lifts the microphone up....

New Owner: Hey Rick....ARE YOU SCARED????

The speakers kick in with HE'S HERE!!!

Lightning slams down on the stage as NFM kicks Rick Astley in the gut and lifts him up into position. Bam! Lightning Strike (Jumping Tombstone Piledriver) on the stage. "Fear" by Disturbed hits the speakers as the crowd lets out an enormous pop. NFM makes his way down to the ring with a grin from ear to ear.

NFM: That's right.....I'm the new owner of the NWF. At least temporarily.

NFM looks at D-Will

NFM: I've always wanted to do this.....

NFM points at D-Will

NFM: Security! Get this man out of my ring!

D-Will's face just drops in shock. The crowd doesn't say a peep...NFM grins again....

NFM: .....and onto my jet. Take him wherever he wants to go.

NFM extends his hand to D-Will as the two laugh and D-Will leaves the ring for the last time in the foreseeable future.

NFM: Now, for my first order of business....I'm stripping all champions of their titles!!!!

NFM pauses....

NFM: Just kidding....

The crowd laughs

NFM: Look, I've done it all in the NWF. I've held every single title multiple times. I'm in the NWF Hall of Fame...there isn't much more I could have done. Then....then I get the card for this show telling me I'm in a tournament to get a chance at the United States Title. I'll be honest, I was a little disappointed. I'm not putting the title down by any means, neither am I saying I wanted a shot at the World Title. Although, beating the crap out of Slim would be pretty fun.

NFM shakes his head.

NFM: I didn't show up to my match at the beginning of the show because I was just finishing the paperwork to offer D-Will an unspecified amount of money to take over ownership of the NWF for a limited period until he sees fit to return. My opponent Hizterik....I uhhh....

NFM takes a key out of his pocket and tosses it over his shoulder

NFM: I have no idea where he could be.

The crowd pops

NFM: Anyway, I'm not going to stand out here and talk all night. I'm just going to tell you that I plan on making sure that NWF makes an impact for the next few months. I'm going to do the best job I can to make sure I breath new life into this federation and that when D-Will does finally get back he'll be proud of the job I've done.

NFM looks at the camera

NFM: Oh and were right..."business" is indeed "about to pick up"....

NFM drops the mic and tilts his black cowboy hat (BGH) to the camera as the video cuts out [/QUOTE]

[B]  The scene fades out, and fades into the now-familiar small dark interview room, where we find the man who created the NWF, sat waiting to give his thoughts [/B]

Pimp D: NFM...No Fear Man...the man with the Big Gay Hat. NFM is more than just that. He's certainly somebody that has his own personality and demeanor. I met NFM in 2001 when I came to IWZ a week after the company's opening. In those beginning days, he just came in as a referee until he decided to join the main roster. Without NFM, I woulda never become a success. I woulda never became a superstar, and the NWF woulda never existed. In the summer of 2001, I was put in a match against NFM, who was the Internet Champion at the time. I was just starting in the main scene of the business after a successful indy stint. After that first match, we fought two more times over the title. The matches and the competition against anything put me on the map. It made me train harder and prepare more than I ever had before. The series made me a better wrestler, and it taught me a helluva lot. I owe a lot to NFM for makin' me fight and train so hard and become a better wrestler. I consider NFM one of the friends I've gained in this industry. An icon, a legend, and a Hall of Famer, NFM is easily one of the best that has ever stepped foot in a wrestling ring.

[B]  The scene fades to black, and we return one final time to Blake James in the studio [/B]

And now we find ourselves in the brave new world of NFM, as he steers the NWF into new waters.  This legendary man has given us some of the greatest moments in the history of this company, and with him now in charge of the booking sheet, we can rest assured that there will be many more great moments to come!  I hope you've all enjoyed this look back over the NWF career of the great No Fear Man, and hope you'll join me next month for another instalment of the Best of NWF.  But for now, I'm Blake James, wishing you all a good evening!

[B]  The camera pans away from Blake, then the scene fades out to the NWF logo, which hangs on the screen for a few seconds, until the scene finally fades to black [/B]

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