D-Will Wins Back Ownership

April 15, 2012
At NWF Alpha, NWF Founder Danny Williams and long-time friend Pete "POz" Osbourne defeated Joey Vendetti and NWF Commissioner Ryan Maxwell in a tag team match.  This returned ownership of the NWF to Williams.

Quentin Quinn Severely Injured At Eyes to the Sky

June 19, 2011
NWF wrestler Quentin Quinn was severely injured at the hands of The New Horsemen at Eyes to the Sky.  After losing to John Bane, Quinn found himself jumped by Bane, Adam Anderson, and Big D.  The attack caused major damage to the neck of the NWF wrestler, who is scheduled to have surgery this week via Dr. James Andrews.  There is no knowledge at this time whether or not Mr. Quinn will ever wrestle again.
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Misc. News

May 23, 2011

New Championship Revealed:

The "new" championship turned out to be the re-activation of the NWF World Television Championship.  The battle royal winner and NEW TV Champion crowned was Yoshi Hoshino.  

Two New Champions Crowned at Warpath and More News Out of Warpath:

At Warpath, Slim defeated "Nature Boy" Buddy Davis in what was a #1 Contendorship match for the NWF Intercontinental Championship.  However, Dave Kipfer became the NEW NWF World Heavyweight after defeating "Dynamite" David Reznik ...

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NWF Owner Announces Interfed Affiliation

December 28, 2010
As seen on the NWF Main site, NWF Owner Danny Williams and the NWF Executive Committee are pleased to announce an affiliation with the FWrestling.com interfed.  It has been several years since the NWF has had an interfed affilation, and we are pleased to make this announcement.  In addition, the Executive Committee has submitted its first Top 10 list to FW.

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NWF Officially On-Break...sorta

December 22, 2010
With the posting of the last Warpath, the NWF is officially unofficially on-break.  Every year, the NWF takes a break for Christmas and New Year's.  This year, with the lengthy unscheduled break, it has been decided that the first card of 2011 will be posted shortly for those who want to continue.  Also, the nominations for the 2011 Year-End Awards Show will be sent out soon, as well.

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NWF Fantasy Football 2010 Now Available

July 11, 2010
    Signups for NWF Fantasy Football 2010 are now available.  Join now!  See, the NWF Forums to sign up.  As always, I will be purchasing a trophy for the winner...which reminds me I didn't buy one for myself last year.  D'oh!
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Big Things Poppin'!

July 8, 2010
The NWF Executive Committee has announced that it was time to make a change.  The NWF forums are now located at http://z8.invisionfree.com/nwfewrestling.  Also, the NWF is pleased to announce the re-signings of former NWF World Heavyweight Champion Matt Logan, Gradius, and NWF Original John Bane back to the roster.  The NWF would also like to announce new roster members Crazy Angel, Kilgorn, and Tom Danko!

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NWF Announces Yet Another Signing

May 10, 2010
The NWF Executive Committee has announced the return of "The Ultimate Death Dealer" Jeremy Dart.

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NWF Executive Committe Announces Two Signings

May 8, 2010
The NWF Executive Committee has announced the signing of two roster members this morning.  Improv was signed to the NWF roster last night.  Not much is known about this newcomer, but we are sure to find out in the upcoming days/weeks.  NWF Owner Danny Williams has also just announced that terms have been negotiated for the return of Zero.  Once a force in the SWF, HWF, WWF, Live Wrestling, and WIF, Zero is looking to return strong and break the "jobber" notion many current NWF wrestlers think...
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NWF Momentum building well...momentum

May 6, 2010
NWF Momentum, which will be next NWF Pay-Per-View is starting to take shape as the first round of the 2010 Master of the Mat Tournament is underway.  Join us for this upcoming epic event.  This may well be the biggest-name tournament in NWF history with some amazing matchups.
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