Best World Heavyweight Champion: NFM

Best National Champion: Desiree

Best Newcomer: The Eagle

Feud of the Year: Danny Williams (NWF Owner) & Joseph Duncan (NWF Commissioner)

Match of the Year: Rage In A Double-Cage Match (Season's Beatings): Korvus, Nemesis, Strajk, Syco, and Commissioner Joseph D vs. Ronin BlackKnight, NFM, "The Franchise" John Bane, "Face From The Past", and NWF Owner/CEO Danny Williams

Most Shocking Event: Chushy's Debut in the NWF

Best Female (Wrestler): Desiree

Newcomer Predicted to "Make Waves" in 2005: Chushy

Best Promos: Pete "POz" Osbourne

Wrestler of the Year: NFM


Best World Heavyweight Champion: NFM

Best National Champion: Titan

Best Tag Team Champions: "The Dark Riders" Rohan & Ultraforce

Feud of the Year: Nemesis & MBK

Most Shocking Event: NFM's Revelation as "Nightmare"

Best Promos: "The Hardcore Icon" John Bane

Wrestler Predicted to "Make  Waves" for the remainder of 2005: The Eagle

Best Newcomer: "The Natural" Adam  Killings

Most Improved Handler: Rohan

Biggest Impact in Recent Weeks: Rohan

Match of the Year: Chamber of Hell  Match (Summer Shock 2005): "The Hardcore Icon" John Bane -vs.- "The Main Event" David Strajk

Wrestler of the Year: The Eagle


Best World Television Champion: Nemesis

Best National  Champion: "The Future" Adam Killings

Newcomer of the Year: "Adman" Adam Cooper

NPC of the Year: "Da Boss" Danny "D-Will" Williams

Best World Heavyweight Champion: Oni

Most Improved Handler: "The Natural" Jay Aivaz

Best Tag Team Champions: Slim & Ivy

Match of the Year: Six-Man Hell In A Cell for the NWF National Heavyweight Championship (GAME OVER): Mark Cage, "Ace" Rob Smith, "Mr. Unique" Kidman Hardy, The Fallen One, Methane, "The Classy One" Brian

Wrestler of the Year: Oni/Koden


Best Newcomer: Cameron "The Edge" Jackson

Best Returning NWF Superstar: Tie between NFM & Pete "POz" Osbourne

Most Improved Handler: Phoenix

Best World Television Champion: "Bombshell" Erik Quick

Best NPC: Blake James

Best XTREME Champion: NFM

Best Tag Team: "KO" Kerry Owens & "Bombshell" Erik Quick

Best  National Champion: Slim

Most Gracious Handler: Slim

Best World Heavyweight Champion: Pete "POz" Osbourne

Match of the Year: Tie Between (both from  Spring  Fever '07) World Tag Team Championship Scaffold Match: Phoenix & Damon -vs.- Blake Styles & Dragon De  Plata and Retirement Match: Pete "POz" Osbourne -vs.- Danny "D-Will" Williams

Storyline of the Year: POz returning to the NWF as "???"

Wrestler of the Year: Hardy


Most Gracious Handler: Dragon De Plata

Tag Team  Champions of the Year: Phoenix & Naron

Best XTREME  Champion: Cameron "The Edge" Jackson

NPC of the Year: The Godfather

Most Improved Handler: Matt Logan

Best United States Champion: Dragon De Plata

Comeback Wrestler of the Year: "KO" Kerry Owens

Most Shocking Moment: Tie Between Matt Logan winning NWF WHC & D-Will revealing himself as Slim's stalker

Best World Heavyweight Champion: Slim

Match of the Year: Eight-Person Terror Cage Match (4th Anniversary Show)

Wrestler of the Year: Slim


Best Heel: Nubis

Best Face: Pimp D

Best Tag Team Champions: Phoenix & Naron

Best Nobles Champion: Scott Jamin

Best XTREME Champion: Dave Kipfer

Best United States Champion: Nubis

Best World Heavyweight Champion: Slim

Match of the Year: Terror Cage Match for the NWF World Heavyweight Championship (Season's Beatings V): Kerry Owens -vs.- The Eagle -vs.- Nubis -vs.- Meth -vs.- Raelin Phoenix -vs.- Slim

PPV of the Year: NWF Season's Beatings V

Most Shocking Moment: NFM taking control of the NWF after D-Will sells him a 'time share' of the company

Wrestler of the Year: Tie between Dave Kipfer & Pimp D


Best NPC: Danny "D-Will" Williams

Best Face: "The Hunter" Yoshi Hoshino

Best Tweener: Raelin Phoenix

Best  Heel: "Dynamite" David Reznik

Best Secondary Champion: Dave Kipfer

Best World Heavyweight Champion: Improv

Best Newcomer: Improv

Match of the Year: Champion vs. Champion: Two Out of Three Falls (NWF Alpha): Raelin Phoenix -vs.- Dave Kipfer

Wrestler of the Year: Improv

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